TOP 3 VR Best Headsets

    • TOP 3 VR Best Headsets

      21st century and technology meant for each other aren’t they? With so many advancements in tech, the most recent and with unexplored horizons is the virtual reality which is also known as VR. While Virtual reality was a non-starter back in the 90s, developers are now creating mind-blowing experiences that look set to revolutionize gaming and entertainment. Here is the list of trendy three VR sets that will make your mind question the reality and after reading this piece of article you will be able to buy any one among the best 3 VR headsets.

      HTC Vive

      The HTC Vive is made in collaboration with PC games giant Valve. It plugs into PCs and work with Valve's mammoth gaming ecosystem. HTC packs in 70 sensors to offer 360-degree head-tracking as well as a refresh rate of 90HZ, the stat that's key to keeping down latency, which is the technical term for the effect that causes motion sickness. The key to the HTC Vive's success is the Lighthouse room tracking that allows you to move around with the headset. It means mounting some sensors in your home, but the effect is next level. Now the price is the $799 which will make you double check your wallet and bank accounts but it is definitely the best all rounder VR headset out there.

      Oculus Rift

      Oculus Rift is the headset that started the current hysteria and is one of the best VR Headset till now. It is developed by Palmer Luckey, funded via Kickstarter and snapped up by Facebook for a cool $2 billion, the Rift plugs into your computer's DVI and USB ports and track the moments of your head to show you a 3D imagery on its stereo screens.With a smooth sleek design and real edgy, this device will can be in your possession with 599 dollars.

      Sony PlayStation VR

      The Sony PlayStation VR doesn’t reach upto the benchmarks of its rivals but still it has made its place in top 3 best VR headsets, and is the one which will go a very long way, first because of its compatibility with the playstation so the PS addictives can have this device to amplify and augment their gaming experience. 2nd is the low cost of the device. With just 399 dollars you can have a rich PS gaming experience. It may be not a perfect one but since it is going after gaming consoles hard so it is a wonderful must have a PlayStation 4 accessory to use Sony VR headset.

      Last Verdict

      Making easier selecting the best VR headset to buy I would say that if you have a PS 4 and you are game conscious then you should go for Sony PlayStation VR. But if you have a high end PC and you can pay more than you have 2 options Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. You can select any according to your choice but if you will not go for anyone then you are not living in 2k16

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