VR&AR Fair 2017 - 8th -11th, MAR.2017 - Guangzhou China

  • [align=center][b][size=14]Prosperous Future in Chinese VR&AR Technology[/size][/b] [b][size=14]2017 Asia VR&AR Fair & Summit[/size][/b][/align][align=justify] Early this year, good news from China that Ministry of Industry and Information Technology points out that VR will usher in a rapid development period. And we should achieve the core technology breakthroughs and strengthen cultural and brand building through the financial special for virtual reality technology industrialization, which means that VR technology plays an important role in Chinese future industry. [b][color=#0000FF]Why Chinese market?[/color][/b] According to statistics, it is anticipated that in 2106 global VR device shipments will reach 630, among which 40% of the demand is from china. Good policy and huge potential Chinese market must bring unprecedented opportunity for international brands to explore Chinese Market. There is no doubt that 2017 Asia VR&AR Fair & Summit (VR&AR Fair 2017) will supply you the good chance. [b][color=#0000FF]More about VR&AR Fair 2017[/color][/b] VR&AR Fair 2017, to be held on 8[sup]th[/sup] -11[sup]th, [/sup]MAR.2017 in Guangzhou China Import and Export Complex(Area A), makes good progress and more than 50 exhibitors are expected to come such as OCULUS, Microsoft China, Google, HUAWEI, Samsung, Amazon, Kingsee, Useus, MOTUS, etc. Their Latest products and technique will be showcased on VR&AR Fair 2017. Worldwide audiences are invited to come to this industrial ceremony. Moreover, Guangzhou is the forefront city of China’s reform and opening up policy, which science and technology are in a leading position. Asia VR&AR Fair&Summit will provide a broad promotion platform,professional services, revolutionary innovation and integration to VR&AR industry by providing an important platform for economy, technological cooperation and product exchange, intensifying the combination between VR&AR technology and modern life. [b]Want to join us? pls contact Dora Leung directly by Mobile/WhatsApp: +86 13066247489 or [email=vrarfair2017@gmail.com]vrarfair2017@gmail.com[/email]. [/b] [b]Of course, browsing our website is also good choice. [/b]Pls Click on [u][b][color=#FF0000][url='VR&AR Fair 2017']www.vrarfair.com[/url][/color][/b][/u] :thumbup: [/align]