How to capture 360 sound for VR video

  • Virtual Reality is everywhere these days. As we all know, there are many equipment options available in the market when consider to make a panoramic video such as Insta360, GoPros etc. But how about audio? Immersive video cannot lives on its own without immersive audio. So we need some sort of tools to capture 3D sound. The following are the Ambisonic microphones we can get. [list=1][*][url='']Core Sound TetraMic® Microphone[/url] is the first portable, coincident, stereo and surround-sound Ambisonic soundfield microphone. The price is $899. [*][url='']Sennheiser Ambeo® VR mic[/url]. It is the most expensive one with the price of £1440. [*][url='']Brahma Ambisonics Microphone[/url] finished its crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Now the price is $899. [*][url='']Twirling720 VR Audio Recorder[/url] is another ambisonics microphone. Now it is starting crowdfounding on[url=''] IndieGoGo[/url], and just $499. For many VR video producers it is a good choice to have a try. [/list]Which microphone is better? It depends. In my opinion, if you are new in VR audio production or want to have a try first, Twirling720 is a good start. If you are a professional user, you may choose Sennheiser.
  • I work with architectural visualization and this strikes me as quite interesting indeed. The thing is, I dont have the funds to buy expensive tech and invest in professional recording.. Besides, is it really "worth the effort"? Currently I create my VR tours and just start a monotone recording of ambient sound before giving the headset to the clients. Of course, it would be awesome to have dynamic sounds with directions that respond to orientation, but if it costs >$1K... Im sorry, but its no go. Here is an example of the kind of stuff I do [url][/url]