JD.com VR Shopping Fest Stunned Visitors at VR & AR Fair 2017

    • JD.com VR Shopping Fest Stunned Visitors at VR & AR Fair 2017

      JD.com VR Shopping Fest Stunned Visitors at VR & AR Fair 2017
      VR & AR Fair Committee

      If online shopping is the first revolution for retail industry in modern days, then VR is the next frontier for retail! According to Gartner, by the end of 2017, about 1/3 large scale retailers will announce their strategies on VR shopping, and by 2020 about 100 million people worldwide will shop through VR.

      JD.com Shopping Fest Held at VR & AR Fair 2017
      In this context, JD.com, one of the most influential online retailers in China, launched their VR shopping platform by holding a VR Shopping Fest in cooperation with VR & AR Fair 2017 (2017 Asia VR&AR Fair & Summit) this May, bringing with it a dozen of leading VR/AR exhibitors from JD.com VR/AR Industry Promotion Alliance, such as HTC, Royole, Deepoon VR, etc.

      Strapping on JD.com’s VR headsets, visitors were able to “roam” around a VR mall under the guidance of a virtual shop assistant who was able to offer useful advice to help customers make better purchase decisions. Many visitors were very intrigued by this new way of shopping and were very looking forward to its wide utilization in daily life in the near future.

      JD.com Shopping Fest has effectively publicized the idea of VR shopping, helped attract more quality exhibitors and buyers for VR&AR Fair 2017, as well as showed the world that VR&AR Fair 2017 was a very comprehensive trade platform covering all fields of VR&AR applications!

      Vision for VR&AR Fair 2018
      In the spirit of bringing more promising and cutting-edge VR&AR applications to the world, VR & AR Fair 2018 is going to add 4 more new exhibition areas respectively featuring VR & AR Based Education, VR & AR Based Home Decoration Solutions, VR & AR Smart Wearable Devices and VR & AR Entertainment Equipment!

      If you have world-leading VR/AR solutions in the fields mentioned above, you are more than welcome to join us and explore China’s VR&AR market!

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