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      Dear friends!
      We passed Steam Greenlight campaign and are excited to show our small project we are working on. It's something new in the world of VR exploration and educational experiences.
      Industrial VR is a game designed to show and explain workflow and general concepts of complex industrial sites. How does a nuclear power plant work? What happens inside an oil rig? How does a hydropower dam function?

      The Industrial VR series is out to help the player find an answer to these questions, along with many others.
      Hoover Dam will be the first object reviewed by the game.

      You will be able to navigate through the scene and look into detailed areas of specific machinery, play and pause technical cycles to understand underlying pricinples better.
      Since its launch, the game offers two modes: a story mode and a free mode.
      The story mode familiarizes the player with general principles of the dam operation.
      The free mode features a more detailed view, allowing the player to explore various internal parts and learn more details related to engineering. This mode allows absolute freedom of exploration of objects found at the dam site.

      We look forward to your comments and suggestions. Thank you!
      The game information, along with the screenshots and more info, could be found on our social media pages.

      STEAM GREENLIGHT: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=797655485
      Site: industrialvr.info/
      FB: facebook.com/industrialvr/
      TW: twitter.com/industrial_vr
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