Unearthed Inc: The Lost Temple - VR Game Review

  • [url='http://unearthedinc.com/']Unearthed Inc: The Lost Temple[/url] is an adventure/puzzle game that puts you in the shoes of a new adventurer in a treasure hunting company who can use telekinetic powers and have a Robot side-kick that manages to get in more than a few good laughs from the players. As a treasure hunter, you are tasked with finding the fabled dragon egg and to do so you must venture deep into the amazon jungle to find it. Unearthed Inc: The Lost Temple uses a variety of traps and tricks to keep the players entertained as well as providing complex but fun puzzles to solve. [b][media]https://youtu.be/M0t_ON9IloQ[/media][/b] [b]The Gameplay[/b] Now and again, this feels more like a game about finding hidden objects than it does a puzzler else. The answers for most puzzles include joining one thing with another, and on the off chance that you don't have one of the two required parts, it's likely hidden in the environment some place. It requires a sharp eye; while looking for an arrangement of riggings I totally missed a little split in a divider behind a light that concealed one. Once in a while you must be excessively fastidious, as a modest key to the primary puzzle appears as a little blip on a leaf on account of Vive and Rift's screen entryway impact. Generally, however, there's a fantastic stream to Unearthed. You'll start out every level by distinguishing the blocked ways and bolted entryways, and as you methodicallly work your way through environments, which are involved a couple of areas to go to, you'll comprehend where the vast majority of the things you get need to go. In the event that you don't, you'll most likely see soon enough. [b]The Controls[/b] Unearthed Inc depends on a kind of point-and-snap transport framework that exclusive gives you certain hubs, something like Cyan's VR-Capable puzzler Obduction (2016). This is valid around 99 percent of the time, making it an at last agreeable experience—all aside from a quick paced mine cart ride part of the way through that is pretty queasiness initiating. At minutes your real POV is moved around rather smoothly you so you can see an Indian Jones style rock come tumbling down after, a motion no-no that Oculus recommends against in their Best Practices Guide. So, the whole scene felt bewildering and excessively 'base of the VR barrel' for my tastes, a pity considering how skillful whatever is left of game presents itself. [b]The Immersion[/b] The games graphics are bright and cheerful and the immersion is top notch that is as long as you play Unearthed Inc as the way it was meant to by placing objects where they are meant to and not trying to interact with walls or objects that have no purpose in the game expect being the background. The major issue this game faces is much like other VR games in which you are required to throw or catch objects. Unearthed Inc requires you quite a few times to throw orbs and items at a specific object which can become a chore after a couple of times due to the discomfort it provides. Conclusion The Good [list][*]Bright and cheerful graphics that make the game fun [*]A hint system in place for help when stuck [*]Enjoyable Boss Encounters [*]Fun Droid [/list]The Bad [list][*]Frustrating throwing mechanics [*]Can only interact with objects and things that are crucial for the narrative [/list][url='http://store.steampowered.com/app/551720/']Unearthed Inc: The Lost Temple[/url] is an entertaining puzzler when it’s not driving people crazy with the controls especially the throwing mechanics which is why it gets a 7/10 from us.
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