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    • The soundscape of a VR game | Althora OST

      Hi everyone, I am Nina from Eipix Entertainment.

      Our first ever mobile VR game, Althora, will be published tomorrow on May 11 on Oculus Store.
      Today, just one day before the game is released, we present to you the Althora soundtrack. :D


      We put together a whole long-play album from in-game and promotional music by editing tracks for traditional listening.Whenever you miss the beautiful vistas and lush environment of Althora, you can put this soundtrack on and continue exploring. ^^

      You can see more about the game here:

      Soon, we will post more about the story behind the audio development of Althora in this thread.
      Hope you'll enjoy official Althora OST! :thumbsup:

      Any feedback is more than welcome! :)
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