New PSVR Stand Unveiled By Sony

  • Most of the people has no major problems with the functionality of PSVR when in use, but preserving has been a bit of an issue. Out of sight, out of mind is a very real thing. The headset is incredibly easy and quick to use, but it is easier to decide to play something outside of VR if the headset is tucked in a cabinet. Of course no one wants to just leave it out with pets running around and no real space to keep it that’s out of the way. Many people live in relatively small places, and try to figure out where to put the headset for quick access while still being out of the way has been a primary challenge of owning it. The other main contention comes in charging the two Move controllers, which, while not completely required for most applications, serve to enhance the VR experience that players feel. The Move controllers were never redesigned to make use of the currently more common micro USB, still using the old mini USB connector to charge. plus to this the PlayStation 4’s limited number of USB ports and the fact that PSVR requires one itself, and it is usual to find yourself without charged controllers when game time arrives. Repeatedly changing cables and USB ports to charge everything became a severe headache and even cut short some otherwise enjoyable VR sessions. Sony had unveiled solid stand ready to solve the only real issues PSVR has ever given. The construction of the stand is relatively lightweight plastic, [b][/b] [b]Problem Solver[/b] The stand holds the PlayStation VR headset, as well as charging two Move controllers and a single Dual Shock 4 on the front (using the accessory port on the bottom of the controller). It charges everything of the PS4 independently in that it plugs into a wall and doesn’t require the use of one of the USB ports. This also means that it doesn’t need to be placed to the area where your PS4 is. The length of the cable may create some difficulties for wanting to put the stand somewhere that doesn’t have a power outlet easily accessible. The other primary complaint that you will get from most users (mostly on the Amazon reviews) is that the headset doesn’t sit on the stand properly and tends to slip off of the front rounded portion. But this issue can be solved by using the stand incorrectly. Instead of setting the back part of the headset into the stand and letting the front part rest, extend the headset strap around the back and let the tension hold it on the stand the same way it would sit on your head.
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