Resident Evil 7 Using Trinus VR on Gear VR

  • Resident evil 7 on GearVR with Trinus VR is possible and the experience is amazing. It may be a little tricky to set up but it is worth it at the end. The essentials you need is the GearVR, Google cardboard enabler and a bit of tinkering around. After you have it set up, you can jump right into the game! The experience you will getting will be comparable to the PlayStation VR when it comes to quality; you won’t get the best experience if you have a slow internet since you will be streaming your game on your mobile phone and controlling your in-game movement with your head movements. And, you will be experiencing a bit less quality than you would on higher end VR solutions like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. Talking about the PlayStation VR comparable experiences, Resident Evil 7 on Gear VR with Trinus VR is actually not bad and may even be better. But, because depends on the device you use and also that you’ll be using a single display screen split into two other than two separate 1080p screens(one for each eye) like in the PlayStation VR. When it comes to a cheap and effective solution with low latency (depending on your connection), you will be amazed how the Trinus VR and Gear VR work together in Resident Evil 7. Of course, this is only possible on a PC, and it does take some time to set up but it is simple enough. [b][/b] [b][u]How to setup Resident Evil 7 Using Trinus VR on Gear VR[/u][/b] [list][*]Buy, download and run Google Cardboard enabler which will be named as “Play Cardboard apps on Gear VR” [*]Download Trinus VR on your computer as well as mobile phone and install [*]Run Trinus VR on your computer and select your VR headset model [*]Adjust the settings on your computer version [*]Open Trinus VR on your phone [*]Click on the triangular sign on the computer version of trinus [/list]This app will allow your Gear VR to be tricked as being a Google Cardboard Essential to download this. Trinus VR will allow you to download the trial version for both the PC and mobile. There will be a drop down menu and you can select GearVr from it. Settings like Image scale should be turned to normal and the capture mode to ‘compatible’ along with sensor mode to ‘Free Track’. Rest of the settings adjusted according to taste. This will let your computer to stream to your phone i.e. letting you play the game Important steps: Turn your video settings in game to 720p for the best experience which is not very choppy.
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