DayDream Or Gear Who Will Win The Mobile VR War?

  • If you are familiar with the mobile VR than you know that Samsung is at the top so far. In fact it is calculated that the company has sold round about 2 million Gear VR headsets to date and with the Holiday Season wrapping up, this number may have already moved towards 2.5 million. Samsung has created an entire mobile VR ecosystem, teaming with Oculus, and obtaining exclusive content, making it nearly impossible for any other developer to compete. [align=justify] That's until the last two months as Day Dream entered the way. Google's Daydream VR platform commits to change the mobile VR space by providing manufacturers with an easy-to-use API which incorporates a motion-tracking controller. One of the main flaws I have heard about the Gear VR is that the controls often break one's immersion within an experience. Google's Day Dream VR headset gives far more immersion through their controller and with their marketing campaign they will be able to bring on a large amount of developers. Both options are limited to specific phones. The Gear VR only works with Samsung-made smart phones, on the other hand Day Dream VR works with only a very limited number of smart phones. As we head into 2017, more and more Day Dream compatible smartphones will be made available. While it is expected that Samsung will announce a new Gear VR that will be compatible with their upcoming Galaxy S8 device. Considering that Samsung is by far and away the leader within the Android market, unless Google teams with Samsung, or somehow is able to push their own product line of smartphones on consumers, Samsung will have the larger handset market. If, however, Samsung decides to team with Google and produces their own Day Dream-compatible headset as well as smartphones, both companies will be able to push forward with an almost unstoppable Mobile VR plan. At the end of 2017 it is believed that Apple may announce some sort of VR/AR device. If Samsung and Google are able to partner on Day Dream VR then Apple will almost have to announce a product in 2017 rather than risk waiting until 2018. [b][/b] [b]But if they didn’t merge:[/b] My vote goes to Samsung as long as they continue their partnership with Oculus. This is because you get both Google and Samsung/Oculus content on the Gear VR whereas you only get Google content on other smartphones.[/align]
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