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      Superhot VR is a relatively unique game to come out on the Oculus Touch but after hours of playing it seems so much like the Matrix that it’s hard to believe that Superhot VR wasn’t inspired by it. Playing Superhot VR is almost like you're amidst the exceedingly choreographed slow motion action that The Matrix is known for—and in VR, you're the one in charge.

      The Gameplay

      Superhot VR is worked around an intriguing slow-motion repairman: time just pushes ahead as you move. On the off chance that you stand totally still, the game world is solidified. In the event that you start to move your hands or head, the activity gets speed until you stop once more. With slugs flying toward your face from different bearings, you'll discover this power very convenient as you delay to consider what to do next.

      The start of the game is somewhat flat as a couple of adversaries come at you unarmed, each one in turn, searching for a first battle. The punching mechanics aren't precisely fleshed out—the red adversaries will take ridiculous swings at you when they aren't close by anyone's standards enough, and a solitary punch of any drive dispatches them effortlessly. You'll be happy that it works thusly later on however, when the activity starts increase and the person going to punch you in the face is the minimum debilitating thing in the scene.

      The Immersion

      The universe of Superhot VR is one of three hues—white for the environment, red for foes, and dark for weapons.

      Adversaries are human-molded, yet are without any subtle elements like a face or fingers. Rather they're spoken to as being made or something to that effect of crystalline structure, which appears like a decent decision since slaughtering one of these animals adds up to a "shattering" of the head, arm, or middle, while a more reasonable depiction would be in fact complex to accomplish (and truly very rough). You'll fear these foes, particularly when one has a shotgun, yet they don't feel particularly human, regardless of the possibility that they interpretation of the outline.

      Whatever remains of the environment is totally white, similar to the insignificant tasteful of Mirror's Edge, with the exception of significantly more outrageous. Actually everything is white with the exception of foes and weapons. This gives you a chance to distinguish the splendid red adversaries—and the items you can use to dispatch them—rapidly and effectively, however it detracts from feeling like you're in a genuine environment. Luckily you'll be centered around on surviving, as opposed to staring at the space around you.

      While the sound and visual plan is strong, the game has a non-mainstream vibe to it. Superhot VR is a stunning establishment for a really one of a kind VR game with astoundingly intriguing center gameplay, and I would love to perceive what it would seem that with another progression up underway esteem.

      The Comfort

      Superhot VR was completely agreeable from a VR best practices point of view through my time playing. The game adequately keeps you confronting forward toward the cameras to guarantee you don't lose following. Battle scenes don't require artificial locomotion, and you're naturally transported to the following scene once you finish the first.

      Will need the biggest conceivable Guardian setup you can fit in your accessible space. The need to avoid will make you a stride or two in either bearing, and you'll be extending your arms in urgent reach of weapons flying through the air and you won't have any desire to feel restricted by the physical space around you.

      Superhot VR utilizes a shader which includes a lattice like grain, probably for stylish purposes. Since VR headsets as of now prompt their own grain on account of things like the screen entryway impact, the shader is an unwelcome decision in VR. It isn't particularly annoying, however the game would most likely appear a tad bit fresher in VR without it.


      The Good
      • Good action sequences
      • Fast gameplay
      • Enjoyable and unique
      The Bad
      • The graphics seem to be lacking in many ways
      • The shader is rather discomforting

      Superhot VR stands out due to its unique gameplay, looks and style of execution which is a good thing but there are a lot of things holding Superhot VR from being a masterpiece which is why it gets a 7/10 from us. - Virtual Reality Forum, Blog and Videos
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