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      Siegecraft Commander is the latest instalment in the popular Siegecraft franchise to come out of Blowfish Studios. Siegecraft Commander is one of the very few popular tower defense games that mixes twitch mechanics and positional tactics, to grow your towers while launching your towers at other enemies. Since the rise of the MOBA’s games table top tower games have fallen from grace but Siegecraft Commander tries to challenge that claim.

      The Story

      Siegecraft Commander highlights two story campaigns. One spotlights on the Knights of Freemoi after they crashland in a tempest, and alternate spotlights on the Lizardmen, a race of sentient lizards who must battle the maverick Huntrad Clan. Every campaign comprises of eight levels. The story is exhibited in a storybook mold, however the engineers don't do much with that idea outwardly, rather deciding on a plain book-page flipping visual impact with each new bit of discourse. The story is quite forgettable at last, with uninteresting characters and exchange.

      The Gameplay

      This is a tower guard game. To win, or advance past the level, you should devastate the foe's keep, bit the odds are there will be a couple towers, weapons and adversaries in your way. The AI keeps on playing while in the game, so thumping down one tower may make them assemble another. This makes the game both fun and rankling in the meantime, as smaller than normal triumphs for annihilating towers may just be transitory when another a few are inherent its place. Clearly you can do a similar thing, yet the game seems to battle when there is a ton of towers and a great deal going on; the more you fabricate, the more it slacks. It does in the end come to the heart of the matter of being unplayable, however the vast majority won't construct enough things in ordinary play to get to this point.

      The Comfort

      Since Siegecraft Commander doesn't require room-scale movement, and can be played altogether from the situated position in the event that you so wish, users may experience the ill effects of controlling the gameboard excessively, as you can develop in size and turn the board to see better. This kind of world-moving is known to bring about queasiness if overstated, yet Siegecraft offers enough chance to rest in the middle of so next to zero uneasiness was felt by and by. The game plays well and looks awesome with clear bright graphics and stunning nitty gritty scenes to fight on. The mix of technique and tower barrier angles all mixes consistently together to give a truly strong gaming experience.


      The Good

      • Bright and Colorful Graphics
      • Fun and Challenging Gameplay
      • Option of RTS and Turn Based gamestyle
      The Bad

      • Game lags when too many towers are built
      • Gameplay begins to get tedious after a while

      Siegecraft Commander is a great game that with a little more polishing can really make a lasting impression but due to the technical issues and lack of narrative this gets a 6/10 from us. - Virtual Reality Forum, Blog and Videos
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