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    • Hover Junkers - VR Game Review

      It comes as no surprise that there are not a lot of VR online games available in virtual reality and from the very few that provide online play they lack more than just a few key aspects. Since its release in 5 April, 2016 Hover Junkers has proven that VR can and already is making progress in providing high end online multiplayer games that can live up to online games like Call of Duty. The game’s story is very simple you live in an apocalyptic world and it’s a fight for survival.


      So how about we get to the good part. Hover Junkers is, in spite of the way it looks, a hardcore competitive shooter. Actually, that is truly all the game is about, on the off chance that you were befuddled about the photos of scrap metal and tractor pillars. You'll be shooting with your gun, shooting with your shotgun, and driving your gliding dumpster around Mad Max's back yard.

      When you start, you'll be shockingly lost. Its reasonable Stress Level Zero is investing their energy enhancing the center gameplay (and including weapons), as opposed to building a neighborly instructional exercise. At dispatch, the game will comprise of 10 multiplayer maps where you'll pilot your air cushion vehicle, scanning for parts to develop your ship's safeguards (the dividers you seek shelter behind) and, once you keep running into adversary air cushion vehicles (alternate players in your match), attempt to take them out.

      The Controls

      For one thing, however, a VR shooter needs some practical controls, development being the trickiest. With the HTC Vive set up for room scale in my office, I just have a space of around six-by-six feet in which I can practically stroll around without thumping over my plant. On the off chance that this were the guide, we'd all be remaining inside each other (and we really are in the comfortable anteroom, where bodyless hands coast around tossing ketchup bottles at an exasperated robot bartender). A great deal of games are solving this with teleportation—you mysteriously jump from indicate point, then stroll around little regions—however Hover Junkers just went and gave us moving floors: the main suspending garbage canal boats. It works splendidly.

      The Graphics

      The graphics are really basic however in their straightforward economy are reminiscent of TimeSplitters, which will really be a reward for a few people. We don't generally like the way your weapons simply Hover in mid-air before you however, which sadly is by all accounts the default for most first individual VR in this way. In spite of the fact that we can well trust that attempting to reenact a virtual body is a terribly convoluted attempt.


      The Good

      • One of the best VR experiences right now
      • Amazing gunplay
      • Clever multiplayer VR mechanics
      The Bad

      • Laggy at times
      • Graphics are rather low

      Hover Junkers is by far one of the best VR games out right now. Even with its low graphics quality it manages to provide high levels of immersion and deliver a more than good VR multiplayer experience which is why it gets a 8/10 from us.
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