Is I Phone compatible with Google’s Day Dream VR?

  • The Google is announcing many new features in Android 7.0 Nougat, where Apple iPhone users with iOS are left very far behind. One of the main features of Nougat is the native support for Virtual Reality (VR) and the very popular Google Daydream controller which allows the users to control the VR activity in games or Apps. This main feature was available only for Android users. As Google Daydream View is the innovative and newest Virtual Reality headset which is basically made to run off of your smartphone. This means that you may be looking at your trusty and expensive iPhone and wondering whether it would work in Google Day Dream Virtual Reality headset or not? While it does work, that only goes so far. Have no worries though; we've got all the details for you about how to use your iPhone in Google Daydream! [b][/b] [b]Does it really work?[/b] The short answer to the million dollar question of if you can use your iPhone with Daydream View or not is yes. The major and annoying problem is that the Apple iPhone users won't be able to access everything that Google’s Daydream VR headset has available. While the iPhone is not a Google Daydream VR headset Ready phone, in reality it is a Google Cardboard capable phone. While you can set your iPhone into Daydream and jump into VR, you are going to have a pretty limited experience. You'll be able to access all of the Cardboard apps that are available on the Play Store. However the specific and interesting apps of the Google Day Dream VR headset will not be available It comes down to the fact that Apple iPhones are not the Google Day Dream VR headset ready phones. There are only a handful of Google Day Dream VR headset ready phones available right now, because of the specs that are required in order to properly run Google Day dream VR Headset apps. [b][/b] [b][color=#FF0000]Conclusion[/color][/b] Yes your trusty and expensive Apple iPhone can be used in Google Day Dream View VR headset. [b][/b]
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