Best Gear VR multiplayer Games

  • Playing games in VR is very satisfying, and playing games in VR against other players is even better. Gear VR right now is one of the cheapest and most reliable VR solutions in the market for mobile phones; multiplayer aspect of it is actually as fun as the single player. [align=justify]Here are the top Multiplayer games for Gear VR: [b][u][/u][/b] [b][u]Anshar Wars 2[/u][/b] With the recent multiplayer update for Anshar Wars 2, this space shooter has become an extremely popular amongst user and is loads of fun to play. You’re in a 360 degree open, viewable environment full of enemy spacecrafts and asteroids. The game has very smooth and satisfying gameplay and you are now also able to adjust the depth of 3D. Even though a controller is not a requirement, getting one would still be the best, even if you decide to go for a simple one, as it will be a slight advantage over your enemies when you jump into the multiplayer battle! [b][u][/u][/b] [b][u]Minecraft Gear VR Edition[/u][/b] Who doesn’t want to experience Minecraft in VR? Gear VR Edition of Minecraft is finally available and slaying zombies and pigs hasn’t been better. The Gear VR edition of Minecraft also supports all the Pocket Minecraft features as well as local multiplayer. You can also connect to servers with the Gear VR edition and experience the life of Steve in a true first person experience. [b][u][/u][/b] [b][u]Keep Talking and nobody explodes[/u][/b] This game focuses on teamwork instead of every player having their own VR headsets, allowing multiple players to play the game simultaneously and enjoy at the same time. Only the person with the VR headset can see the bomb and he has to tell the rest of his teammates how the bomb looks like and based off of description, the teammates help defuse the bomb reading off the downloadable manual. [b][u][/u][/b] [b][u]VR Karts: Sprint[/u][/b] For anyone looking for a great racing simulator in Gear VR, look no further because VR Karts: Spring is one of the best multiplayer racing games on the platform. The game at a glance will seem more like a Mario Kart clone with power-ups, unique weapons and a cartoonish looking map design and graphics which is true in a sense and like Mario Kart, it works very well in multiplayer. There is also a series of designs and customizations and allows you to also choose your driver as well as kart.[/align]
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