Why Microsoft will beat Sony in the Console wars?

  • Whenever you think of gaming what's the best console that pops up in your mind? There are very high chances that it’s the Sony PlayStation 4, and due to good reason. [align=justify]Microsoft made the blonder of initially marketing its console, the Xbox One, as an entertainment platform, as was seen at its[b] [/b]E3 unveiling[b].[/b] On the very other hand Sony had a clear idea that game console is about game. Lately Microsoft has learnt from these bitter lessons, however, and has almost fixed these oversights. While Microsoft’s been busy gathering things up with the gaming community, a community for whom Microsoft wanted to provide a better gaming experience but failed, on the other hand Sony focused on what it does best, games. [b][/b] [b]Games On A Game Console?[/b] One just needs to go through the list of games offered by both platforms and will see that Sony offers the better deal in that regard. With the Xbox, you only really get Halo, Gears of War and Forza (all of which will soon be playable on PC) and Sony offers [i]The Last Guardian[/i], [i]God of War[/i], [i]Bloodborne[/i], [i]Uncharted[/i], [i]Ace Combat[/i], [i]Dragon Quest[/i], [i]The Last of Us[/i], [i]Gran Turismo[/i] and a whole lot more. Sony also managed to hire the legendary developer, Hideo Kojima, which should translate into some even more amazing games. The rest of the Xbox new games are available on both platforms, on Windows 10, or are timed exclusives that will eventually make their way to the PS4. Sony also has a vast market penetration in Japan, a market that Microsoft is unable to penetrate. North America, which has traditionally been an Xbox stronghold, has seen the PS4 take the lead by a significant margin. The PlayStation Network grabbed 110 million users’ vs the 49 million on Xbox Live. Things do seem to be looking up for Sony, but Microsoft is far from out of the running and in the end, may actually come up as victorious. [b][/b] [b]The Answer[/b] The PlayStation 4 is an amazing device with amazing games and amazing market, but its biggest problem is Sony itself. Giants like Apple and Samsung have eaten away at Sony’s smart phone market, it’s nowhere in the laptop space and even its TVs aren’t doing well. Microsoft has been constantly undercutting the PS4 on the price front and it looks like they will follow the same strategy in future as well Sony is completely dependent on the PS4 for revenue and Microsoft’s constant undercutting will take its toll on them. Microsoft can be an also-ran; it can afford it but Sony can’t. [/align]
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