How to deal with Gear VR over heating?

  • There is a common complaint in many reviews of the Gear VR i.e. the issue of overheating. Expensive phones are overheating and minimizing the VR experience to an hour of use, in some cases. The future is here, but it apparently needs some time to cool-down. If you're finding ways to make your Gear VR experience last longer, here's what you can try. [b][/b] [b]Airplane Mode[/b] Switch on your phone’s airplane mode this will shut off every one of your phone’s wireless connections and, in this case, and will save your phones battery life and enhances its performance. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to stream anything either (unless you activate your Wi-Fi inside airplane mode. So you can only watch videos and play games that you’ve previously downloaded. [b][/b] [b]"Do Not Disturb" Mode[/b] Samsung Galaxy phones come with a great feature known as “do not disturb mode.” This feature is a selective version of “airplane mode” that gives the authority to the users to choose what alerts, calls, and other notifications they want to receive. You can enable this feature inside the Gear VR's menu. Use this wisely, keep your phone quiet, and enjoy. [b][/b] [b]Download Content Outside Of VR [/b] Streaming and downloading content affect your VR device. Be patient, and download all the basic necessities, videos, games, and apps that you want to try out through your normal phone interface, before experiencing virtual reality. [b]Lower the Brightness[/b] Many of the online users have suggested lowering the Gear VR’s brightness setting as well as your phone’s brightness setting. The Gear VR’s default setting is at 7. The recommended setting is from 3 to 5. [b]Use a Fan[/b] There are two ways to use a fan to overcome heating. The first is to physically modify your Gear VR and install a small fan (which is pretty complicated). The second is to literally sit in front of a fan while experiencing Gear VR. [b]Close All Programs and Apps before Using VR[/b] Outside of the discussion of VR, some of my friends and fellows have complained about their phone’s weak battery life. These peoples are the same ones who run multiple number of apps on their phone simultaneously. It’s the same situation when using the Gear VR. Shut down everything before jumping into the great world of 3D.
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