A New VR Sci Fi Thriller Short - "Someone Else" & The Future of Cinematic 360

  • Hey VR Discussion! My name's Peter Cannon, and I wrote and directed a 360 sci fi short. We've been accepted to a couple festivals and you can read a little bit about it here: [url]https://www.someoneelsevr.com/[/url] Was wondering what the future held for cinematic 360 content - mainly in terms of the diagetic useage of the camera as a character. In my short, the audience is a character (albeit a completely motionless one that gets pushed around on a wheelchair). Do you think that people will connect any more with a story that has the audience as a 'character' with first person interactions, or do you think that you could make a 360 movie using the camera only as a camera? 'Pearl' got nominated for an Oscar and was the latter. But, it makes me think why it needed to be a 360 film at all. Can't wait to hear your thoughts, Peter