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  • Here They Lie is one of the very few VR games that make you actually interested in the story, immerse you in the world and scare you witless even if the immersion and controls are horrible. Games like Here They Lie disregards the necessity of a quality VR experience for providing a story the will make you eager to play rather than just flaunting the fancy aspects of VR which so many other games focus on. [media][/media] [b][color=#0000FF]The Gameplay[/color][/b] Your excursion starts outside a shabby cable car, where a lovely lady in yellow dress named Dana who respects your arrival. Before opening up regarding why, she vanishes right in front of you, abandoning you with little choice to yet to rearrange onto the carriage — rather ungracefully, I may include, yet more that later — where the excursion bad dream fuel starts to spill out. What takes after is a plunge into franticness, as you meander down the cobbled lanes looking for your missing life partner. The entire 'Alice pursuing the white rabbit' shtick is there for all to see, and keeping in mind that it's brutal to esteem Here They Lie as subordinate, it would be better if the game introduced something, you know, worth pursuing[b][/b]. Sound journals are littered all through the dreary environment, and highlight a progression of storytellers chattering on around an existential emergency or some variety of it. The genuine letters, then again, go from nervy social discourse to stomach-stirring purposeful anecdotes. Yet, the center account so to talk is handed-off through a progression of phone boxes — phone boxes that delicately jab and goad you along the correct way until you're profound inside the sewers of this most pitiable, discouraging cityscape. [b][color=#0000FF]The Graphics[/color][/b] Confining the shading palette of a game can put forth a solid creative expression, yet just if it's sufficiently strong which is the place Here They Lie flops most at. The graphics are most likely the greatest drawback of the game. On the off chance that there's any hostile to associating in Here They Lie, it's not grisly clear. Characters and things appear jaggy to the point of undefined from even direct separations. Textures fly in and out with practically ridiculing conspicuousness. I'm yet to see a character's feet associate with the floor as opposed to floating no less than a couple crawls above it. The designers appear to be unmindful of how jolting it is when entryways, arms, and things are pushed straight up against a virtual reality camera – it happens a considerable measure, and the player's eyes pay the frightful value without fail. From awful impact recognition to screwball material science, Here They Lie is a wreck the extent that graphics are concerned. [b][color=#0000FF]The Comfort[/color][/b] In the same way as other VR exploration and strolling games that utilization a simple stick, the game makes me debilitated, notwithstanding when I take the intermittent breaks proposed toward the finish of every part. Its highly contrasting situations rapidly get to be distinctly tedious and look on the other hand fluffy and barbed on the generally low-controlled PSVR framework. Its frighteningness is overpowered by a covering of trite, "tense" decrepit quality. In the same way as other VR games of all sorts, it feels under-cleaned and under-playtested. The articles you can collaborate with are conflicting, the level pacing is flighty, and the entire thing wanders in a way that is less thoughtful than disappointing. From various perspectives, it is neither an especially agreeable game nor an especially fulfilling one. [b][color=#0000FF]Conclusion[/color][/b] [b][color=#008000]The Good[/color][/b] [list][*]Amazing story if you can look past the bad graphics [*]Jump scares that actually scare [*]The over-all atmosphere is nice [/list][b][color=#FF0000]The Bad[/color][/b] [list][*]The graphics really ruin whatever the game establishes [*]The sound is mediocre [/list] Here They Lie is a good horror game as long as you can see past the bland graphics and nauseating controls which is why it gets a [color=#0000FF][b]5/10[/b][/color] from us.
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  • With Here They Lie, I stared long and hard into the abyss, only this time it didn’t stir; instead, I was left gazing at an under-cooked horror experience that while surreal, fails to deliver a fulfilling end product. Horror games should present an exercise in nerve-shredding tension whether they’re built for virtual reality or not. Sadly, Here They Lie leans too heavily on VR as a novelty to justify a by-the-numbers entry into the genre.