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      Damaged Core is a first person shooter game held in the near future in which the robots have begun an uprising to overthrow humans which was released on August 30th, 2016. At first glance, Damaged Core seems like a cliché FPS but thanks to its VR supportends up being one amazing ride due to its stunning visuals and intense combat. An artificial AI has gone rogue and you take the role of an AI program that shoots and hacks its way through the hordes of robots to get to the AI’s core to stop it.

      The Gameplay

      The game's fundamental goal is to stop the Core, by exchanging your automated body into that of another utilizing your adversaries’ strengths against them. In the game you take the artificial insight that can hack robots from the automated uprising of the Core. The game is made out of 8 levels to finish every mission goal and 17 unique sorts of adversary strengths. The game offers an elating trade of scenes as you all the while interpretation of the foes to convey yourself to wellbeing. It's exciting action of battle against time and adversaries makes it a truly exceptional environment. The variety of the foe robots keep the players moving and shooting as quick as could be allowed, giving an experience of a genuine fight experience. The game has awesome visuals and sound effects.

      The Controls

      First-person shooters in VR all experience the ill effects of a similar fundamental difficulty — development. In the event that you attempt to assemble a game where you move around as if the game is played with a gamepad, you'll discover many individuals are immediately muddled or disgusted by gameplay. It feels doubtful and unnatural, which is a genuine issue. Most game designers are right now utilizing an essential teleportation technician, allowing you to pick a space on the guide and basically transport there in the middle of episodes of shooting and avoiding. This works, however it's awkward and rationally removes you from the perfectly immersive game each time you do it.

      In the event that you've effectively settled on your core gameplay mechanics before considering VR development, there's not a simple arrangement. What makes Damaged Core uncommon is making development a core part of the gameplay

      The Visuals and Immersion

      This is clear from the first casing. Like most VR games, Damaged Core resembles a foreign made relic from the last support era. Characters do not have the high number of polygons I'm accustomed to finding in models in modern 3D games, and low resolution textures are spread thin all through. Damaged Core's action happens among army installations and pulverized urban communities, yet the presentation does little to recognize them from the scores of other such representations in other modern video games.

      At that point there's the game's characterizing plan decision—the capacity to transport and have foes. It's actual that it counteracts movement affliction, however situating and development characterize first-person shooters the same amount of as pulling the trigger, and there's little of the previous portion of that condition in play here.


      The Good
      • Brilliant game mechanics that make sense narratively
      • Active addictive combat
      • Amazing Visuals
      • Engaging Story with interesting characters

      The Bad
      • Only one difficulty mode
      Damaged Core delivers one of the FPS experience on the VR with a well-thought out narrative and amazing visuals which merit it a 9/10 from us.
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    • I won’t be coming here for reviews anymore. Under no situation is this game a 9.5. It’s not necessarily bad but it is just a glorified arena shooter hoard mode and it gets extremely repetitive extremely fast. The impact reaction of the bots being shot are well done but I found myself having to transfer from one bot to the next so quickly it’s hard to enjoy the satisfaction of mowing down the hordes of enemies. The disorientation that occurs every time you transfer into a bot facing a different direction than you makes getting your bearings a bit of a hassle at times and during an intense firefight you may find yourself having to transport again before you can get back into the fight which isn’t very fun. It’s by no means a bad game but I would put it at a 7 for VR games and a 5 when compared to traditional games.