How to Run Samsung Gear VR with Google Cardboard Apps

  • Google Cardboard apps are not inherently compatible with the Samsung Gear VR. But, they can be rigged to do so, using something called a ‘Google Cardboard enabler’, and a few more methods which are easy enough to do and work well. [align=justify][b][/b] [b][u]Setting up your viewer profile[/u][/b] To properly run, Google Cardboard requires the user to scan a QR code to configure the VR headset so it works properly with the apps. [b]How to scan:[/b][/align][list][*]Open the Google Cardboard app [*]Click on the gear icon in the bottom middle of the screen [*]Click on ‘Switch Viewer’ [*]Scan either of the 3 QR Codes, depending on your phone. [/list][url][/url] [align=justify][url][/url] [url][/url] [b]Method 1 – Cardboard Enabler[/b] Since the Gear VR uses the Oculus Rift software, in specific the Oculus Home utility, whenever you plug your phone into the Gear VR, it starts up aforementioned Oculus utility, what this does is it blocks your Gear VR from running Google Cardboard apps. [b]Steps:[/b][/align][list][*]Buy, download, install and run Google Cardboard Enabler or ‘Play Cardboard apps on Gear VR([media]’[/media] app from the Google Appstore. [*]Run your Google Cardboard app you desire [*]Put phone inside the Gear VR [*]Use the app/Play the game like you normally would. [*]Run the Cardboard Enabler app again and shift back to Gear VR to re-enable the Gear VR services. [/list][b]Method 2 – Simply don’t connect your phone to Gear VR[/b] [align=justify] Whenever you connect your phone using the USB port to the Gear VR, the Oculus Utility turns on. If you, however don’t connect your phone to the USB port, you can simple enjoy all of the Google Cardboard Apps. But, the downside of this method is that since the phone is not perfectly aligned, you will experience some blurring and the phone may slide a tiny bit occasionally.[/align][list][*]Open Google CB app you want [*]Insert phone and lift up the USB port, so your phone is not connected [*]Play game/Use the app [/list]This method is simple, and you don’t have to rig anything to make it work.
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