Best Solution for Gear VR Lenses Fogging

  • A problem that can solved, especially as you are first getting started, is your Gear VR fogging up. The vents on the bottom of the Gear VR help to alleviate this problem but it does still solved from time. Likewise as you get started you may notice that somehow, something has smudged your lenses. The Samsung Gear VR is one of the best innovative technology devices ever made. It has its flaws, but has attracted more people than any other gadget in recent time. In ten years, we will look back at the Gear VR and point out how it was an inspiration for the new generation of mobile virtual reality. One of the major flaws is that the lenses fog up easily—really easily. Seven out of ten times, I have found myself take the headset off in order to clean the lenses. Then, they fog up again. It’s been really irritating and usually occurs when the temperature of the atmosphere you are in is much different than the temperature of the Gear VR. Things get even more irritating when trying to show off my innovative virtual reality device to other people. At first, they are so blown away, but soon say, “Wait, I can’t see!” One of my best friends was so excited about using the Gear VR, but had to take it off after five minutes and asked what the point of the Gear VR is if you have to wipe the lenses every five minutes. Fortunately, I have found a solution. [color=#FF0000][b]Heat the lens:[/b][/color] [i]Because the fog is formed when warm air hits a cold surface. Heat the surface= no more fogging.[/i] [color=#008000]How to heat the surface?[/color] [list][*]Hairdryer. [*]Car air blower. [*]Fingers held on lens for 60+ secs before putting on. [*]Sit on head for 5 mins before engaging VR. [*]Be very cool. Literally, don't walk or run before using. [*]Lick/spit on a cloth and wipe over lens until polished. [*]Just put on and leave on for 10 mins(depending on heat of lens) and wait. [*]People say lens spray and tissues but most don't have access and I'm dubious. If something works definitively/cheaply, we’d all be using it. [/list][b]Remember warm air (you) hits cold lens = Fog.[/b] Change one or the other.
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