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      When people think about VR horror games they probably think about jump scares but hardly ever consider the story or narrative to be scary which was released on April 5, 2016. Most VR games focus on surprising their players rather than delivering a truly immersive horror experience. Chair In A Room is one horror VR game that tries to focus on building a real atmosphere with characters and a narrative.


      The graphics are truly great. As I specified in my last virtual reality game audit, it's more to do with how your phone's show looks as opposed to the diversion itself. I'm utilizing the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which has an incredible show, so everything looks really great. Nothing is excessively genuine and you can obviously advise it's a diversion, yet like all virtual reality substance, the experience it makes you accept is happening that matters. Out of all the virtual reality diversions and demos as such, this one truly made me feel like it was really happening.

      The profundity that virtual reality brings, and the way that it's 360 degrees, makes it genuinely startling. I wouldn't regularly discuss this, yet the sound is the genuine star of this game. A Chair in a Room has a portion of the scariest sounds you could imagine. It's pitch dark and all you hear is strange clamors and sound effects that are so sensational it in a split second bothers you. Close to the end, it's all dark and all of a sudden a young lady starts to cry. You have no clue why a young lady is crying, however you do know, it's not going to be great. The sounds enhance the unpleasant level a considerable measure.


      Though most horror-themed games in VR are zombie shooters or labyrinths covered with spooky animals, A Chair in a Room adopts an a great deal more measured strategy to the horror sort. You'll complete the game with not just a significant feeling of achievement – it's a multi-hour trek through some really unnerving settings and spine-shivering minutes – however a profound feeling of trouble and dread also.

      A Chair in a Room recounts an equivocal anecdote about familial mishandle, medicate fixation, and mental flimsiness. It's not the sort of story that we're acclimated to seeing in VR diversions to this point and it's all the better for it. Once you're done, the substantial subjects and dim suggestions will probably stay with you for a few days – I know it accomplished for my better half and I.


      As I said, there truly isn't much to do. You can physically glance around by moving your go to see things and utilize the button in favor of the Google Cardboard to turn on the electric lamp, yet that is it. In any case, it's not about what you can control, it's about what you can't, that is the thing that makes it unnerving.
      In spite of the fact that you can simply put your phone into a Google Cardboard and start playing, I propose you have two additional things prepared. One is a decent arrangement of headphones and the other is a chair that can turn, similar to a computer chair.

      The headphones are the genuine key here in light of the fact that they include that encompass sound impact. They will take things up to another level and make you trust you are really in a dim room.

      They let you hear clamors from all around and will make you physically glance around, pondering what made the commotion. The spinning chair is to make sure you can sit and turn around to glance all around the room. You could likewise stand in the event that you might want, yet be watchful you don't fall over. Particularly when you get frightened, you would prefer not to venture back and outing and fall. Continuously know about your surroundings when playing any virtual reality diversion.


      The Good
      • Immersive Gameplay
      • Great scares and atmosphere
      • Great value for price
      The Bad
      • Low re-playable value
      Chair In A Room is one of the very few games that manages to get horror right on the VR and delivers a VR horror game that is equally in good in terms of scares and atmosphere which is why it gets a 9/10 from us. - Virtual Reality Forum, Blog and Videos
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    • I looked all over for an answer to this as well. Kickstarter backers get all 4 episodes for $25, so I would assume the $30 would include all 4 as well, especially since there's no way to buy a Season Pass. However it's unclear since it says "Ep 1". It's a great game but that'd be a lot if each episode is only 2 hours. That said, it's one of my favorite experiences on Vive so far.