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      In what it already seems to be an over-crowded genre for Zombie games, Vertigo Games launches another VR zombie game “Arizona Sunshine” in which you can play co-op with your friends and take down hordes of zombies that come your way. Arizona Sunshine provides its players not just with an online multiplayer mode or a single player mode in which all they can do is kill zombies but also a rather decent Campaign mode as well which is hardly found in many VR zombie games. But how enjoyable is the game to play?

      The Story

      The story of Arizona Sunshine is much like the vast majority of other zombie VR games out there but Arizona Sunshine manages to add some witty humor to the protagonist and how he interacts and tries to survive in this zombie infested world.

      Throughout the game’s campaign we see our protagonist come to terms with the new apocalyptic world after surviving whatever turned the world in to its zombie infested state. Besides the character development of the protagonist the game is simple, all you have to do is get to Arizona Sunshine from wherever you start the game and in the process getting to kill more than a few zombies.

      The Immersion

      The graphics are nothing to brag about and at times can feel pixelated and flat but does that really matter when it comes to a game that is action oriented? Even without the high end graphics and sharpness that many new titles have, Arizona Sunshine manages to provide the player with an immersive experience due to its action oriented and smooth motion of characters. Even though the zombies look pixelated and rather stale in terms of graphics the game manages to hold a pretty decent frame per second (FPS) even when there are hordes of zombies come your our way, which is a lot considering how soon FPS falls in VR.

      The Controls

      Since this is a first person game, we see the world through the eyes of the protagonist which makes having smooth controls and motion a necessity. Providing the players with responsive controls and smooth motions is the probably where Arizona Sunshine shines the most.

      As far as moving around the game is concerned there are 2 ways to go about it. You can traverse small distance while interacting with the objects like opening drawers and car doors but for larger distances you need to use the teleport feature which is used through the Vive controller’s menu button. In case of high action periods the game shines the brightest with its dual-wielding weapons that operate perfectly with the controls while having fun mowing down zombies.


      The Good
      • Intense action killing zombies
      • Dual-wielding weapons
      • Smooth FPS rate
      • Character is all-around pretty fun to play with
      The Bad
      • Can be rather repetitive with the action
      • Flat graphics
      Arizona Sunshine is a great entry level zombie killing game for those that are new to VR but for those that want a more refined and challenging game Arizona Sunshine isn’t the right pick which is why its gets a 7/10 from us. - Virtual Reality Forum, Blog and Videos
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