Future Sony PlayStation Consoles Could be a Peripheral for PSVR

  • Virtual reality s here and it is big. It is essentially a new way of experiencing for human beings. For gamers, it is a transforming way of undergoing the decades of gaming and getting hypothetically absorbed into the world they wish to be in. [align=justify] What makes PlayStation VR so special? Well, for one it is affordable, and secondly, as technology advances it will quite easily catch up to the full-scale semi-standalone Virtual reality PC headsets. In the future, we may actually see Sony completely changing their tactics and make PlayStation VR, the main thing and the upcoming consoles a ‘peripheral’ for it, what makes it a possibility is the fact that it is often the case with newer, better technologies to drive out the older ones. We have seen this with smartphones driving out the older generation of mobile devices and we may see PlayStation VR becoming the intended target for and by gamers. We are seeing the increasing demand of PlayStation VR, Sony were perfectly aware that “demand would outstrip supply” and promoted their product accordingly. The process of promoting PlayStation VR was “quite tricky to do, because at the same time we also had a responsibility to let the mass market know that there was a viable and affordable VR new entrant.” According to Sony. It means that the public is in high demand of a cheap, affordable VR solution which will bring VR further into the mainstream and make it something every console owner will want, just like how almost everybody has a smartphone. Now, Sony knows that there will be a massive demand for their PlayStation VR headsets, and also knows how to make it easier for the consumer to get the headsets. Recently Sony has introduced two bundles which are to be introduced in the US. The bundles will include a PlayStation VR headset, PlayStation move controllers and two games. This will remove the constraints of PSVR supplies while keeping it easy for the consumers. Instead of having to buy different devices separately, including them into a single bundle will also be more convenient for the consumers as well as bringing the price down. [b][u][/u][/b] [b][u]Last Verdict[/u][/b] PlayStation VR may be the less powerful version of its PC supported counterparts but it is and will be more popular, due to the fact that it is cheap, accessible and convenient.[/align]
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