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      When it comes to VR (Virtual Reality) the experiences differ from person to person. If you have a PlayStation VR, getting the ‘recommended” PlayStation move controllers would be the right choice for some games, but it does require you to move a lot and may make you tired after a little while.
      Some of the best games you can play on the PlayStation VR have an option to rest your arms by choosing to use the PlayStation controller instead of the move ones, and are as indulging as if you were hypothetically inside the game itself.

      The best and most comfortable games for PlayStation VR

      These games are chosen on their function ability, gameplay, and enjoy factor with or without the move controllers.

      Resident evil 7

      Ah, resident evil 7, the fresh masterpiece released by the mighty Capcom themselves. Resident evil 7 definitely belongs in VR, in specific the PlayStation VR. Why, because it’s well made and comfortable. You can play the game sitting on the couch without moving even the slightest and still enjoy the game to the fullest.

      Wayward sky

      PlayStation move controllers are a must with this one, if you want to get the full experience. But, the game isn’t full of violent arm movements to play fully, you can play the game comfortably sitting down as well. It is a fun interactive puzzle game which is definitely worth the money.

      The Playroom VR

      Another title on the PlayStation VR, developed by Sony and does not require the PS move controllers, you can have a relaxing afternoon with your normal PlayStation controller and play this cute multi mini-game VR experience.
      There are many games, some in which you have to shoot/throw stuff at hordes of robots, avoid debris and one in which you have to suck up virtual specters.

      Battle zone

      You can have one of the best VR experiences while playing this game this classic revival of what seems to be an older Atari game, lets you play in two modes, single and multiplayer, you are basically getting absorbed into an extremely addicting and fun tank-shooting game which will leave you with hours and hours of fun.
      The multiplayer is kind of like World of Tanks, but less complex, you don’t require a PS move controller and it is very comfortable to play and can be done so from the couch. - Virtual Reality Forum, Blog and Videos
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