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    • Dirt Rally Short Review

      PlayStation VR is no on the rise as more and more developers are either creating new games or adding VR support to their pre-existing games. We are yet to see a big title in PlayStation VR to be created just for the platform, but it seems like the future is bright.

      Dirt rally is the newest game on the PlayStation to get a VR (virtual reality) DLC/add-on. Dirt rally is actually an amazing choice to put into the PlayStation VR game list. The add-on is available on the PlayStation store for $12.99.

      Now that Dirt Rally is fully supported by PlayStation VR, a few new features have also been added. A new two-player or co-operative mode has been added to the rally sections of the game, allowing the second user to use a controller and the social screen.

      Every game mode is now fully playable in VR including the hill climb and rally cross. The “Co-Driver Mode” will allow you to give the pace note calls to the driver, just like with real life co-driving, allowing the best timing and accuracy possible in the game

      For a limited time only, Code masters is putting Dirt Rally on sale from 27th February, during this time you can buy the PlayStation VR bundle, with the game already included along with the Fully Loaded DLC for just $43.39.

      Even though Dirt Rally is not the first game to be getting VR support, it makes certain that PlayStation VR is on the rise, with the recent release of Resident evil 7, we also saw how well the VR support turned out to be, and perhaps it is a highly recommended feature for almost every future PlayStation title.

      The PlayStation VR is our right now. You can buy the virtual reality headset for a price of $399 or 399.
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