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      The amazing VRGE virtual reality hardware charging dock has now received enough pledges to make the step to the next stage of technology development.

      VRGE is the very first docking system which is specifically designed to organize and charge multiple numbers of virtual reality headsets and controllers and can be placed either on your desktop or mounted to the wall depending on your comfort.

      To me, Virtual Reality (VR) is tangible imagination. It is being used to create excitement, educate, entertain, and express new ideas. Everyone seems excited about the bright future of Virtual Reality and want to be part of this technology revolution.

      This technology has the strength to inspire people, cultures and communities in a way the world has never experienced. We are not just VR fans; we are users! The goal of VRGE is to create thoughtful products for this new digital world.

      The mission was to create (a)
      • Protected and organized storage for Virtual Reality headset users
      • Opportunity for hardware charging, where applicable
      • Routing system to assist in cable management
      • Flexible desktop or wall-mount options
      • Aesthetically desirable solution for all users
      • Easy to install and/or assemble product

      Organized + Protected Storage

      With the VRGE VR dock, headsets are oriented down to protect sensitive lenses from light and dust. No weight is placed on fabric, foam or elastic components, maintaining maturity of your Virtual Reality investment.

      The VRGE VR dock has a center cavity optimized for all headset/visors sizes due to this internal retaining and opening feature VRGE secure each headset yet still provide easy accessibility.

      The VRGE VR dock also provides flexibility for storing headphones in both wall-mount and desktop placement. Contact surfaces (center bumper and accessory adapters) are made from soft touch materials to prevent scratching or marring of exterior hardware finishes. Additionally, non-skid feet prevent sliding and protect tables and desktops.


      The VRGE VR dock charges both the HTC Vive VR headset and the PSVR Move controllers.

      Along with clearly visible charging notifiers, your controllers will always be ready and accessible in their upright position.Integrated channels help route and organize USB cables (included with each VRGE VR dock). Each channel is optimized for different cable diameters (not all cables are equal!). Accessory adapters are molded in soft touch material that award more flexibility for different cable head differences.

      VRGE Charging dock is going to be launched on April 17.

      Go on kickstarter to pre-order the VRGE Charging dock.

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