Resident Evil on PSVR is Amazing? ​

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    • Resident Evil on PSVR is Amazing? ​

      We have seen with the recent release of PlayStation VR how a device considered still a taboo in the PC platform can be made an everyday device for the PlayStation. It is more than just a novelty, it is a piece of equipment which can put you into the heart of battle, while keeping light on the pocket.

      Resident Evil 7 on PlayStation VR is a great experience. Though, subjectively speaking your experiences may differ depending on your mindset. For me, when I strapped my PlayStation VR helmet I felt a sudden surge of anguish, entering the evil world rendered in complete realistic detail.

      Everybody who has played Resident Evil 7 on the PlayStation VR would think that this is one of the better experiences they have had. It is basically putting you, the player right into the heart of wickedness.

      Gore, blood, animations, good voice acting generally creates the feeling of fright, terror and curiosity, and with PlayStation VR, experiencing all that while feeling trapped inside another world elevates the experience to a whole new level.

      Perhaps the best scene to experience in PlayStation VR in RE7 is the downright terrifying birthday cake scenario, if you’ve played that without VR, it is something to go back to, definitely, along with the birthday cake bit, fighting “daddy” in the garage is also very amusing.
      Playing Resident Evil 7 on the Play Station VR is an amazing experience. But, it has its flaws as well. Because of the sub-par resolution on the PlayStation VR headset, the game feels pixelated and sometimes weird. Even though the OLED screen does a great job of adjusting the lights to what you would get with on a TV or monitor, or maybe even better.

      The biggest downside of playing the game in PlayStation VR is perhaps the shoddy sensors and sometimes stuttering movement, especially since you have limited ammo and just need to get those headshots. Yes, you can use a PS controller instead but it is less indulging.

      Ultimately, Resident Evil 7 in VR is an experience you need to try at least once, if you own the device well and good, but if you’re planning on buying it as your next purchase, I highly recommend investing in it, especially since it will be a great part of the console collectables and will improve your experience in certain games. - Virtual Reality Forum, Blog and Videos
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