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  • [align=justify]ROM: Extraction is the [b]latest game from First Contact Entertainment[/b] and it’s safe to say they really went all out on ROM: Extraction. [b]ROM: Extraction is a FPS game[/b] in which you have the ability to use exploding grenades and tactical ‘bullet time’, features that other FPS games lack. ROM: Extraction feels a lot like a traditional FPS with [b]unique elements that help it stand out as well as be a really fun game to play on the VR.[/b] [b][color=#0000FF][size=14]The Gameplay[/size][/color][/b] You are an individual from an Orb Extraction Unit in the year 2076 on a mission to extract alien eggs from chambers on the moon. The gameplay places you at the time after effectively removing those outsider eggs, yet your dropship is as yet being set up for dispatch. Subsequently, you're left to make due all alone, while holding up to be separated from the circumstance. [media][/media] The issue is, the outsiders know about your robbery and have sent an assault of extraterrestrial bots to prevent you from escaping. Your battle suit is outfitted with an Orb Dispenser that furnishes you with boundless orbs which have the ability to basically alter space-time in a dangerous glimmer. There are many assortments of catalysts that give your orbs uncommon qualities, for example, "Tracer" or "Homing" further exhibiting the arcade way of the game. [b][size=14][color=#0000FF]The Graphics[/color][/size][/b] The following thing I might want to address is the manner by which incredible the graphics and the air of the game are. I can't rave about them enough. The graphics are dazzling and the music which is created by Twin Moons is hype to the point that it makes this game quite a lot more exceptional than other VR shooters! You realize that a game is great when everything about to the arms, controls, graphics and even the music is cleaned and flawlessly cooperates to enhance the immersive experience. Despite the fact that we right now just have one guide for reference, everything looks so ravishing that you can't not be pumped when playing this game. Moreover, a standout amongst the most energizing things about this game is that you can see your arms. The arms look incredible and the movements are fluid to the point that they precisely reflect genuine arms. The arm development is progressive for VR and respects another level of inundation that is apparently unmatched by most other VR games. [b][color=#0000FF][size=14]The Controls[/size][/color][/b] Players ought to know however that you can't simply shoot at the adversaries with your firearm in the event that you need to survive a round. Players need to utilize the Orb Spawner to take out foes effectively. Simply shooting the adversaries with your Energy Pistol does next to zero harm and is not a viable approach to murder them. You should toss and shoot your Orbs in the event that you plan to survive. Hurling orbs isn't generally simple or steady however, in light of the fact that tossing things in VR doesn't give you the same physical feedback signs like, in actuality. Discharging a controller trigger while whipping an orb into any provided guidance isn't as straight forward as looking down the sights of a gun and shooting, so you'll unquestionably require practice to get the kind of results you'd hope to have tossing a genuine ball. [b][size=14][color=#FF0000]Conclusion[/color][/size][/b] [b][color=#008000]The Good[/color][/b][/align][list][*]Great graphic [*]Engaging and highly addictive. [*]Players have arms – for real [*]The music is amazing [/list][align=justify][b][color=#FF0000]The Bad[/color][/b][/align][list][*]Lacks additional content and variety [/list][align=justify]ROM: Extraction in all regards is an amazing with the sole exception of lack of updates and new material but it’s fabulous graphics, music and gameplay merit it a [color=#0000FF][b]9/10[/b][/color] from us. [b][color=#008000]Release Date:[/color] December 7th, 2016[/b][/align]
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  • Nice review. I agree with most of what was stated. I did enjoy the "arms in game" & find it works as well or even better (slightly more immersive) than just the hands in Raw Data. Agree the throwing is a bit challenging. Throwing of orbs in Blue Effect seems better done. Wish there were move levels/environments. As much as I've enjoyed the bit I've played, I'm considering a refund - just too many games, including wave shooters, in my library. For others who don't have ~200 VR titles, and are just building their library, might be more worth the purchase.