VR Dating What Is It and Why You Should Try VR Dating

    • VR Dating What Is It and Why You Should Try VR Dating

      We are all well aware of the VR (Virtual Reality) boom that is occurring throughout the world. Since the release of the new technology people have been trying to implement it in to almost any industry they can.

      Ranging from gaming to watching TV VR headsets like PS VR and Oculus Rift are being used to enhance the experience. Most industry professionals initially thought the use of VR would only be limited to gaming but now it’s safe to say they were wrong. VR in only a year has become a crucial part of any digital industry meaning that even the world of online dating is in for a radical change – rather its already begun.

      Online dating was once looked down up on as being the choice of the reclusive but now is a $3 billion a year industry which is on the steady rise.

      Since Tinder’s rose to fame back in 2014 online dating had finally become free of its social restraints and was seen as a very liable method of finding dates online, and the popularity of sites like Match.com and eHarmony’s TV father add to the success of online dating. The statistics alone make VR online dating a very profitable industry to invest in. One in 10 Americans admits to using an online dating site, 66% of these users have subsequently met in real life and 23% of them met their current spouse on the internet.

      VR online dating could drastically improve how online dating works. As of now, most online sites only provide users with a picture or a video of the person they are interested in. Needless to say a setup like that really makes it easy for people to catfish and take advantage of people who are actually looking for someone they can emotionally invest themselves in.

      VR online dating provides a the much needed safety, more intimacy and makes finding a partner that is truly the way they say they are. Virtual Reality will allow people to meet and interact online without having to pay for costly meals, invest too much time in someone who they just don’t click with but above all can take part in different thematic activities to check whether they truly click with each other.

      VR online dating will definitely become a big part of the online dating industry down the line. Currently more and more 3rdparty app developers are taking the plunge into online VR dating and have seen a considerable measure of success, some 3rd party VR online dating apps you should check out are vTime and Twinity.
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