Time for a Challenge - VivaTech is looking for Startups!

  • Entrepreneurs who suggest business solutions to certain problems (so called challenges) can win a three day “lab” participation at the event [url='https://vivatechnology.com/']VivaTechnology[/url] (Paris, June 15th – 17th). This your change to been seen by 50.000 attendees, hundreds of journalists and more than 250 investors. These 20 Labs are hosted by stars of their sectors (the likes of Orange, BNP Paribas and LVMH,) that select the brightest startups in each category. Labs are the vibrant, beating hub of VivaTech: with access to think tanks, exhibitions, workshops and competitions all in one place, this is a startup’s moment to shine. The [url='https://challenges.vivatechnology.com/en/challenges/manpowergroup3']VR/AR challenges[/url] are dedicated to the human resources sector since the host of this category is the HR company Manpower Group. The company is looking to disrupt recruitment, learning, assessment and collaboration with the possibilities of VR and AR. They are rewarding new solutions to questions such as: [list][*]Do candidates need to see recruiters face to face to choose a company they want to work in? [*]Could we create more efficient learning paths thanks to VR/AR? [*]How could we collaborate better thanks to these technologies? [/list] Start [url='https://challenges.vivatechnology.com/en/challenges/manpowergroup3']here[/url] to participate! The submitted solutions will be judged throughout April and May. On May 25th the winning start-ups will be revealed and invited to the event Viva Technology, receive a booth at the lab of the Manpower Group and receive 4 tickets for the event.