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      2016 has some of the best Samsung Gear VR Games and 2017 looks like a great year for the Samsung Gear VR as well. Thanks to the amazing new Oculus Rift, the SteamVR powered HTC Vive, and the PlayStation VR, VR gaming has never been better. But even though these VR headsets provide a great VR experience these can be more than a bit costly.

      If you clearly don’t want to spend a couple of hundred dollars on a more exclusive and expensive VR headset, Samsung Gear VR Headset just might be what you need.

      There is a great amount of amazing games for the Samsung Gear VR but having to go through the Oculus library to find each one can be extremely time consuming and the games you find might not be that good. So to help you’ve find the best Samsung Gear VR games for you to enjoy.


      Hitman Go scaled down the stealth death arrangement for portable, yet shockingly, it demonstrates an immaculate fit for VR as well. The center idea hasn't changed here: each hit appears as calculated on a game board, testing you to locate the most ideal route through dangers and around perils to finish the stage.

      Given the game's ideal artificial plastic look, now in VR it truly feels like you're playing on a physical surface with tiny smaller than expected dolls. Hitman Go was at that point extraordinary, and the move to VR makes inconspicuous, smart changes that daintily improve the experience. In case we're lucky enough, the new Lara Croft Go will make the leap to VR sooner than later.

      Smash Hit VR

      Smash Hit VR is adjusted from a really incredible portable game, yet it's shockingly better when you're inundated in this brilliantly damaging experience. As you're naturally bumped through rooms loaded with minimal geometry, you should hurl balls to smash the glass sheets and figures peppered en route.

      It's an arcade experience, truly: proceeded with play requires cautious point and crushing every single bit of glass, which gives you additional balls with each hurl. In VR, it's a stunning experience, loaded with fulfilling thrills and lovely sights – and incredibly, it's thoroughly free as well.


      This game is an absolute necessity have for science fiction and shoot-em-up fans. It's a genuine treat in VR ideal from the stunning opening grouping, to the energy of exploding a portion of the greatest emery starships once you're immersed in the game. It's additionally set in the Eve game universe, one in which you should control a firearm turret and devastate approaching privateer ships.

      Controlled utilizing head developments and either the touchpad in favor of the Gear VR or a Bluetooth controller, the genuine test is knowing when to reload and utilize any unique weapons you've gotten.


      Manchester resembles a 16-bit arcade game, yet it's as addictive as a portion of the best knuckle-softening games up presence. The title requires you race to the complete line on courses fixed with different wanders aimlessly, while making utilization of a straightforward arrangement of controls. You tap to change from one multi-hued path to the following, each of which elements an alternate speed.

      You'll likewise have the capacity to use the Gear's 360 abilities, which permit you to take after your racer with inconspicuous head developments.

      The art is in the planning — you should always change paths to abstain from approaching boats and impediments. You'll likely crash a couple times, in any case, gratefully, you most likely won't see since you know how much fun anticipates you at the following respawn point.

      Dead Secret

      Dead Secret is the CG animated extravaganza - a riddle thriller in which you get the chance to play investigator/journalist as you examine a suspicious passing of Harris Bullard, with four principle suspects.

      It's quite adroit at keeping things tense with spooky sound effects, exasperating hints to find and head scratching puzzles to illuminate. Not one in the event that you'll get restless perusing notes, records, coercion letters and maps however for every other person, definitely justified even despite the cash. Likewise out for PlayStation VR.

      Land's End

      How about we start this rundown off solid. Land's End may be the best game on the Samsung Gear VR. With a stunning oceanside setting, it remains as a consistent reminder of exactly how astounding VR can look on the this muscular little headset.
      The gameplay, puzzles, and mechanics all cooperate inside the Gear's exceptional environment to make an experience similarly as, if not more, immersive than many titles on the more propelled stages. On the off chance that you have a Gear VR, don't release this one unplayed.

      Drop Dead

      Look and tap shooters on the Gear VR are generally normal. The technician is basic and instinctive and it permits the engineers to inject heaps of top notch visuals without worrying a lot about how nearly you'll be looking or moving around the environment. Confining your office to your head and tapping a touchpad liberates them up to concentrate on different parts of the game.

      Subsequently, Drop Dead is a firmly outlined, fun, graphically amazing, cavort through a zombie-executing adventure. It doesn't break much new ground, however it feels like a fabulous praise to any semblance of Time Crisis and House of the Dead. Certainly worth looking at and you can read our full audit and the Oculus Store page for more points of interest.

      End Space

      There are heaps of space shooters on the Gear VR — we even included Anshar Wars 2 on this rundown as of now — yet that game is arcade-fun with a strong dosage of multiplayer. End Space, then again, feels like an a great deal more reproduction esque approach, with a bit slower-pace, bigger environments, and more organized goals.

      Devotees of science fiction games and space shooters particularly ought to totally have End Space in their library as there is all that could possibly be needed substance to keep you occupied, with an awesome world and phenomenal single player missions. Additionally, the game propelled a whole game studio. You can read more about it on the Oculus Store.


      In case you're an aficionado of loathsomeness games, then Dreadhalls should be up your back road. You wake up within a faintly lit dungeon without any weapons, and only a little light that enlightens the room. You'll need to discover out of the dungeon utilizing only your minds to get away from the beast prowling in the corridors.

      Dreadhalls is a climatic loathsomeness game that will make them hop as you associate around each corner. The dungeon is procedurally produced so you'll never observe precisely the same twice. Best of all, it's extremely affordable, costing only $4.99 for the full game.

      VR Karts: Sprint

      Because you're playing in VR, doesn't imply that you need to play independent from anyone else. VR Karts: Sprint brings a magnificently fun kart hustling game to Gear VR, and gives you a chance to play against AI or human adversaries. There are a few diverse play modes, an assortment of tracks, and catalysts that you can get keeping in mind the end goal to throw different racers off track.

      It's a truly fun game, and it conveys a sort to VR that numerous gamers will recollect affectionately. Regardless of whether you're dashing against the AI, or you're attempting to put your companions in the clean, Kart hustling games are an awesome approach to let loose a little.


      Tactera is a masterclass in stereoscopic 3D on the Gear VR. It might be a generally basic tabletop procedure game that utilizations fundamental vector models to speak to tanks or contender planes, yet it is additionally a standout amongst the most "Whoa, that felt like it was coming comfortable!" experiences you can have on portable VR.

      There are additionally various game modes — including on the web multiplayer — guaranteeing that there is bounty more to do in this title than gape at the 3D visuals. All things considered, Tactera is not an experience to be missed.

      Suicide Squad: Special Ops VR

      Suicide Squad might not have been what DC fans needed — or anybody, so far as that is concerned — yet the film's going with VR game is a more than a commendable sidekick. In the game, you play as El Diablo, Harley Quinn, and Deadshot, each of whom must face wave after influx of foes.

      You can switch between the three characters after each level, and the game's controls are entirely instinctive, permitting you to shoot, reload, and switch between weapons with a straightforward swipe or tap on the D-cushion.

      You can't move, however, and you are in charge of glancing around to see where the baddies are originating from. This makes it overpowering on occasion (and fun). The way that you can char foes with El Diablo's hands is only an additional in addition to.

      Great Header

      Playing soccer with simply your head and legs is sufficiently hard — now, suppose you could just utilize your head. The able titled Great Header takes that thought and transforms it into a testing VR experience.

      The game's first level obliges you to hit six focuses with various score values, each revolved around an objective post. An in-game machine shoots a foreordained number of balls shot toward you, which you should head as they approach your face.

      The free game appears to be straightforward at to start with, that us, until you understand that touch is the name of the game. In the event that you push your head forward too soon and too hard, the ball may go cruising over the objectives.

      You need to hold up until the latest possible time, and hit it carefully, less you hazard undershooting your shot.

      Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

      Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes came as a breath of fresh air for the gaming community. In Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes you are required to work alongside your friends to diffuse a bomb. It’s recommended to be played with 2 – 6 people, one player disarms the bomb whereas the remaining players need to provide instructions on how to remove it.

      It supports a wide variety of VR headsets but using a Samsung Gear VR headset to play Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is far more enjoyable than one can imagine.

      Minecraft Gear VR

      Minecraft is a standout amongst the most well-known games ever, and now it's on Gear VR. You'll have the capacity to manufacture pretty much anything you can dream of, experience feared adversaries in the wild, and appreciate the wide world from a totally new point of view. The greater part of the immense components of Minecraft, to be specific making, are here for you to play with and appreciate.

      Minecraft Gear VR adds an immersive layer to a game that has as of now stolen the hearts of millions. With a super moderate sticker price, there are a really long time of exploration and making simply sitting tight for you to make a plunge.


      As of now, these are the best games to come out on Samsung Gear VR but considering the immense amount of android games that are developed we are bound to see some amazing Samsung Gear VR games in 2017. As we find new Samsung Gear VR games that are fun, immersive and enjoyable we will update this list for your convenience.

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