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      Thanks to the Google Cardboard VR games on the Android are easier to access and available to everyone. Throughout 2016 we saw the release of some of the best android VR games that we spent countless hours playing. Cardboard is a low-cost DIY virtual reality headset that anyone can build, considering that the fair share of people throughout the world have access to decent android based phones the ease to access for experience VR becomes truly easy.

      Furthermore, Google has developed a new VR platform “Daydream”. While Cardboard is seen as a basic solution for easily available to VR games, Daydream is the next step into making android VR games on mobile even more advanced! Here are our top picks for the best android VR games available today!

      Mekorama VR

      Mekorama is a puzzle game where you need to manage a little robot through the level. Before all else, it's genuinely basic in light of the fact that normally just a couple stones must be moved, yet the difficultly continuously increases as you advance level from level. In the VR version, the puzzle appears to be massive around you, and you utilize the controller to move the stones and guide the robot to which path it should move on.

      Adventure Time : I see Ooo VR

      Most Cardboard titles have a tendency to be cheap, which is mostly because they are intended to be a showcase that gives people an idea of what VR can do, as opposed to full experiences. Adventure Time is a special case with regards to the price it is available for, but unfortunately the length of the game is nothing exceptional even though the overall quality is pretty high.

      Fundamentally this is only two VR smaller than usual cams and a puzzle, however on the splendid side they are truly well done and in the event that you are a devotee of the Adventure Time series you just might love the game even at its current price.

      InMind VR

      This VR game is set in another time where modern human healthcare has made tremendous scientific advancements. Concerning the gameplay, it is a short adventure which has arcade components intended to permit the players to experience the excursion into a patient's brains looking for the neurons that cause mental confusion. The goal is to locate the anomalous neurons and kill them. The game is perfect with Google Cardboard, and others cardboard like headsets. What's more, users can likewise play the game with no VR headset. The game is free to download from the Play Store.

      Minos Starfighter VR

      Well in the event that you love those space shooting games then Minos Starfighter VR is one the games that you ought to play. Essentially it is a first-person arcade space shooter game which is made for virtual reality. The game conveys the most immersive and convincing VR experience accessible on Cardboard and it has been completely improved to press out all of execution to give a liquid and smooth VR experience. The game permits users to pilot a little space contender and they need to experience serious space fights shooting down adversary spacecraft and overcoming continuously harder floods of foes. The game likewise gives users the ability to update their ship as they progress inside the game.


      Caaardboard is definitely one of the coolest VR game you can get at this moment! is a version of AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA! by Dejobaan Studios, which as of now was a fantastic portable game. This is a game of free-falling, where you fly around impediments in your quick drop, and pile on high scores by flying through doors in transit down. It's an extreme experience! Presently, strap into Google Cardboard, and all of a sudden Caaaaardboard! turns into a extremely enjoyable game which you’ll spend hours playing. It's a huge amount of fun in 2D, however in 3D? That is an extraordinary experience, and in the event that you have an Android phone and a Cardboard headset, you have to look at this.

      End Space VR

      VR and space games are a characteristic fit for each other. The tremendous openness of space makes an exceptionally well fit to the profundity that VR gives, as well as for seeing freely-drifting items in space flying around you. What End Space does particularly well is to permit you to play a game where you can glance surrounding you, shooting adversary dispatches down. The games that permit you to play in 360 degrees, and even start to finish like End Space does, are a portion of the most grounded VR experiences. Furthermore, in light of the fact that the zero gravity of space takes into account common situations for players to investigate what they can do with VR.

      PolyRunner VR

      This is additionally an aircraft game where users need to pilot the aircraft. The game tests the gamer’s abilities against an other-worldly, perpetually evolving scene. Despite what might be expected, this connecting with virtual world offers all the more fascinating, challenging levels the further gamers advance. Players can gather extra points for their preciseness by navigating through checkpoints and using lifts to give them an additional edge. Once players ace their flight aptitudes then they will gain a place among the top gun and even procure a personal theme song.

      Chair in a Room

      A Chair in a Room takes the restricted controls of the Google Cardboard and transforms them into something truly unique. You start the game in a room with a solitary light and a Chair at the table; that is it. You'll spend the whole game in this room, however that is the place the genuine dread starts. As you look at news cut-outs and take after the narrative of a young lady who was kidnapped, the light starts to gleam and you're compelled to swing to your not really trusty electric lamp. Notwithstanding, it requires times of reviving, amid which you're in the pitch dark room. Bizarre, scary sounds radiate from all around. A Chair in a Room makes a magnificent showing with regards to of tightening up the crawl figure with its restricted control plot and dismal setting.

      Hunters Gate

      Activity is hot with Hunters Gate. The world has been assaulted by evil presences and you need to hold them back in this action stuffed moving game – to spare the world, not surprisingly. This is a fun and graphically great game. Moving game components make your character develop more grounded after some time and learn new abilities. On account of the Daydream controller, you rapidly get used to the controls. You can take a gander at what's happening from above, which is useful for playing solace – you don't need to confront a lot of virtual development.

      Minos Starfighter VR

      Once in the past known as End Space VR, Minos Starfighter is a perfect first-person space shooter that truly flaunts the gaming capability of virtual reality. It's basically a wave-based shooter that sees you in science fiction dogfights against enemy star fighters, with amazingly detailed ships, three environments to investigate, and an update system to keep you roused. Indeed, this isn't the full VR gaming experience of the PlayStation VR, however it's an incredible case of what an Android phone is capable of doing.

      Cmoar Roller Coaster VR

      Starting off this rundown is the Cmoar Roller Coaster VR app. While some may be hesitant to pay $1.99 for a VR app on Cardboard, the substance here is very amazing and similarly as similarly fun and locks in. The best part, is that it's immersive and that is precisely what you need with something of this nature. The graphics are exceptionally well done, and it makes you feel that you're really there. Certainly worth a shit even during the refund period which by what we can tell you won’t need.

      Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue

      Unending runner games are extremely appropriate to being played with VR glasses. Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue, the successor to Lamper VR: First Flight, is such a game. Here, through head developments you control a little firefly and you need to free your firefly companions who were lost when creepy crawlies assaulted your bug kingdom. In the game, you fly through woodlands and caverns, shoot down fireballs and utilize catalysts to thrashing adversaries. This works exceptionally well on account of natural controls. Not exclusively does it look beautiful – it's additionally free.


      The game's slogan says everything: "Be cautious where you look, since something doesn't need you here." That sets the tone for the whole of this game — approve, so truly it's all the more a tech demo, since it just keeps going a couple of minutes. In any case, on the off chance that you need to flaunt Cardboard to loved ones, this is an impeccable grandstand. Sisters works utilizing binaural sound, so it appears like the clamors you hear originate from your left or ideal rather than all around.

      Consolidated with the drenching and shocking graphical loyalty the Cardboard puts out, this game is an extraordinary approach to frighten the jeans away yourself or any person who needs to experience it. While there isn't much "gameplay," as it were, Sisters gives you a chance to glance around and watch pure horror unfurl right next to you.

      Cyclops Duck Hunt

      We're not going to skirt the real issue, this VR remake of the NES Duck Hunt game is weird and amazing as you expect it to be. All things considered, its eccentric silliness and visuals are a substantial part of its appeal. Cyclops Duck Hunt happens in a post-whole-world destroying world where alien ducks have contracted one reason: to wreak ruin. In the title, the player expect the part of a Cyclops who has woken from his sleep to find this completely new world in confusion, and must do all that he can to prevent the alien ducks from devastating all that he holds dear – sounds like an Oscar worthy story doesn’t it?.

      BombSquad VR

      BombSquad VR for Cardboard is an arcade game where gamers need to keep away from a wide range of bombs, catch hails, and procure focuses. An aggregate number of eight players ca join the game and every player must finish the diverse levels intensely. Notwithstanding, with this game, players will require a different, 3rd party controller.


      VR Tank Training utilizes a graphical mesh of real filed graphics and shooting from the point of view to add more immersion to the normal tank shooting games. The point is to destroy as many enemy tanks as you can while you move your tank to the following checkpoint. There's likewise an in-game leaderboard for players to go up against each other for the top spot.


      Strap on your immersive glasses and investigate a practical and wonderful Alpine scene from the vantage purpose of a hang lightweight flyer. At any rate, that is the hypothesis. Tilting your smartphone left and right directs the lightweight plane and gives you a chance to investigate the surroundings sensibly well, yet the material science can be a smidgen wonky. Still, it's a free download so we can't complain too much.

      As of now, these are the best games to come out on Android but considering the immense amount of android games that are developed we are bound to see some amazing VR android games in 2017. As we find new VR Android games that are fun, immersive and enjoyable we will update this list for your convenience. - Virtual Reality Forum, Blog and Videos
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