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      RIGS Mechanized Combat League is an FPS where you take charge of a mech and engage in glorious combat with your opponents. RIGS Mechanized Combat League is one of the few games on VR that provide freedom of movement and doesn’t cause you to puke after a couple of minutes of playing. Though RIGS is a FPS it has elements of sports play and the graphics seem very similar to those of wipeout. One would assume a fast paces FPS game wouldn’t be the best fit for VR but RIGS proves us wrong curbing any problems along its way.

      The Gameplay

      The assorted scope of gameplay types, both online and offline, entwined with an in-game economy and movement framework, makes Rigs a standout amongst the most completely acknowledged recreations as of now accessible on any VR stage, with the majority of the amusements out there as yet feeling generally like tech demos or evidences of idea. Critically, the additional variable of different players guarantees to broaden the life of Rigs a long ways past a number of its associates.

      While single-player amusements for the most part have a more direct relationship between the measure of substance and how much play there is to be found, a multiplayer don permits the engineers to focus on refining its center mechanics and frameworks, believing the new confusion of the game itself to keep players intrigued.

      The Controls

      You can turn by looking or have the correct simple stick control the mech's introduction, letting you just glance around inside the cockpit. Also, you can either demonstrate the world while being shot out and moved to another mech – there's no passing, just property harm here – or you can have a few or every last bit of it hindered from view.

      It's partly due to this that the amusement's underlying instructional exercise and set up feels like it takes longer than a modern blockbuster film – the demo's presentation is much shorter. The other reason is that your main specialist truly makes you stride by venture through how to utilize an obviously named menu framework. It's great to have this there for aggregate amateurs attempting VR surprisingly, yet most early adopters will be eager gamers. We can make sense of how to utilize menus.

      Controlling your Rig feels incredible, with simply enough heave to make it feel like a gently sprung ride. There are four Rig sorts: the cumbersome Sentinel, tall and agile Mirage, squat Hunter and, the Tempest. Each has their own particular style of hop, regardless of whether it's energizing it, a twofold bounce or having the capacity to jump up high and drift in midair.

      The Graphics

      RIGS looks phenomenal, with solid texture work all through the vast majority of the amusement. In the warmth of fight, nothing stuck me as watching strange and there never any movement affliction issues even with quick activity and blasts going on all around.

      The main time the textures appeared to be risky was amid the introduction scene where the RIG suits stroll over you and past giving you a considerable measure of OMG minutes as they pass overhead, you can likewise observe some blockiness in the textures — yet it's never something you'll see amid the center amusement.

      Framerates are smooth and online play was remarkable, with each play session going off easily. The amusement's short parts make it ideal for get and play sessions as well — and for a VR game, that is extremely critical.


      The Good
      • Fast and fluid FPS that works great in VR
      • One of the most visually stunning games
      • Vast variety of rigs, weapons and abilities
      The Bad
      • Online features can use some work

      RIGS Mechanized Combat League is one of the finest FPS games on the PS VR out now, with gorgeous graphics and nausea free gameplay RIGS Mechanized Combat League gets a 9/10 from us.

      Relase date : October 13, 2016.
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