8th Annual New York City Independent Film Festival - May 2 – 7, 2017

  • [align=justify][i][b]VIRTUAL REALITY SUBMISSION CATEGORY[/align]8th Annual New York City Independent Film Festival May 2 – 7, 2017 VR Experience: Saturday, May 6[/b] [/i] Submit your Cinematic or Interactive VR piece to be a part of the first ever, day-long Virtual Reality experience at the 8th Annual NYC Independent Film Festival! [b]Extended Submission fee:[/b] [b][color=#008000]$35[/color][/b] [b][u][color=#0000FF]Specifications:[/color][/u][/b] For 360 Videos and Cinematic VR pieces: submissions should be uploaded to YouTube in a 360 format (and preferably with spatial audio) and a link to the video on YouTube should be provided in the submission. Films will be shown in GearVRs, however, so filmmakers should indicate a preference for Oculus Video or Samsung VR (formerly MilkVR). After acceptance, filmmakers will be required to provide an MP4 or MKV that plays in one of those two applications on a GearVR. For Interactive VR submissions that use a game engine, like Unity or Unreal: we will have Samsung Gear VRs and HTC Vives available and the experience must be designed for one of those two platforms. The required file, such as an APK, should be provided. A video-based trailer should also be submitted, if available. We can provide any additional information as necessary, such as Oculus-issued Signature (OSIG) information for devices, after a filmmaker initially submits their work. SUBMIT HERE: [url]https://www.nycindieff.com/submissions/submit[/url] The Winner of this Category will be announced at the NYC Independent Film Festival Award Ceremony: Sunday, May 7. For questions about how to submit, please contact [email=info@nycindieff.com]info@nycindieff.com[/email]
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