Top apps for watching Sports in VR

    • Top apps for watching Sports in VR

      Since the unveiling of VR technology the tech industry has gone a major change with more focus being given to the developing VR sector and the benefits it can provide not only to them but mostly to the viewers. In only a small amount of time VR technology has proved that it has immense benefits and is being used in a variety of ways. VR is most popularly used in the entertainment industry, especially the gaming and porn industry and has seen incredible results from implementing this new technology.

      Virtual Reality technology has been implemented in almost every form of technology in one way or another, whether it be for entertainment purposes or for connectivity or for aiding in medical research VR proving its worth.

      Another industry in which VR has proven to be surprisingly fruitful is the sports industry. Since the release of VR sports fans have wanted to watch their favorite sports like football, baseball through their own eyes using VR. Luckily there are a few ways that you can watch sports in stunning VR and experience a way of watching sports you never imagines possible. Here are the sites and app that let you watch sports in VR 2017.


      FIRSTVISION is one of the very few companies that are making an effort to make sports full compatible with VR viewing. They allow for people to watch sports in a fully immersive way by letting you experience the action just like the players and referees do. From their perspective and in Full-HD. You can even invite your friends and watch sports in VR with them.

      As long as an athlete is wearing one of the FIRSTVISION cameras they can let their fans see and enjoy the game from the point of view, a truly revolutionary and enjoyable way to watch sports.

      FOX Sports VR

      FOX Sports VR is the leading, simples and most enjoyable way of watching sports in VR right now. FOX Sports VR is your ticket to watching VR sports directly from your phone as well as your own Super Bowl live from your own home, where you can watch real-time highlights in immersive VR.

      You can even teleport effortlessly to one of several on-the field VR camera positions to see the action from the best angles. FOX Sports VR is still developing and is making impressive progress in providing a truly immersive VR sports watching experience.


      NextVR is yet another great app that lets you not only watch sports in immersive VR but also myriad of other events worldwide. NextVR is partnered with the NFL to immerse fans in VR highlights. NextVR will take you right to the action no matter where country of city it’s in so that you can see the action for yourself. - Virtual Reality Forum, Blog and Videos
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