VrBackupper (Oculus Rift) - Review

  • Myk added a new article: [quote][align=justify][b]vrBackupper[/b] is [b]the first and only stable software[/b] out right now that lets you install Oculus rift data in other drives, back up VR data and games for safe keeping or for migrating the data to another device. Virtual Reality has made amazing progress in the last few years but even so it’s still in its infancy and has a lot of more potential to grow. Since VR is still relatively new, [b]not all the bugs and issues have been resolved[/b] but the most frustrating...[/quote] Read full article: [url='https://www.vrdiscussion.com/blog/article/31-vrbackupper-oculus-rift-review/']VrBackupper (Oculus Rift) - Review[/url]
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