What’s VR Sport ? ​

  • When people think about Virtual Reality the first thing they think about is either games or porn. That is completely normal considering VR is most widely being used in these 2 industries. [b]But gaming and porn isn’t that’s all there is to virtual technology[/b], VR was and is all about capturing very intense, realistic moments. Due to the fast pace of innovation in VR tech, virtual reality has already become perceptually equivalent to an actual experience making it viable to enjoy so much more then juts game and videos. The immersion is so surreal in some cases that it almost makes people wonder whether they truly are in a VR simulation. Thanks to such high levels of immersion [b]VR becomes the best tool for improving the way we watch sports and see the world in genera[/b]l. [b][size=12][color=#0000FF]What’s VR Sport?[/color][/size][/b] [b]VR sports is all about bring the action to YOU[/b]. As of now there are only a handful of apps and services that are offering truly immersive VR sports experience that will let you know how it feels to watch sports from the playing field or even the point of view of the player. VR in sports will also allow athletes to train in VR by varying out visual simulations. [b]The realism and immersion open so many doors and ways to implement VR in in sports[/b] and it’s only a matter of time before we can truly enjoy sports in full immersion Virtual space. [media]https://youtu.be/yrnb2SYBmtE[/media] [b][color=#0000FF]Why Is VR Sports A Good Idea?[/color][/b] Users put on a headset and, then are [b]immediately teleported to the traveler seat of a NASCAR[/b] car by Jeff Gordon dashing around Indianapolis Motor Speedway, feeling the wild vibration of the stock car underneath. They hear the team boss in their ears, as though they were wearing the driver's headset, and the thunder of the motor and a huge number of fans. They feel the extraordinary compel pushing them into their seats, hearts left beating in their trunks. The technology has advanced so far that a correlation with reality is presently the desire, not the trust. That clarifies why virtual reality is an immaculate stride forward in the realm of athletic preparing. Since the mind has no chance to get of recognizing a genuine circumstance and one produced by the technology, it is [b]the perfect method for supplementing take a shot at the field, on the arena, on the court, to further competitors' aptitudes and knowledge of the game[/b].
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