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    • Battlezone is the popular remake of the 80’s classic Battlezone game in which you use tanks to fight and fend of other tanks which sounds like the perfect game to have some mindless fun in virtual reality. Those old enough will definitely remember the original Battlezone game and how much fun it was fighting hordes of tanks in combat but just how much does VR enhance that experience? Let’s find out!

      The Gameplay

      You are in a map loaded with hexagonal zones which act as the playing field of the game. You enter every zone and either battle the foe, pick a choice which may prompt to prizes or all the more battling, or hit a supply zone where you can overhaul your tank's weapons and frameworks with any earned credits you've collected. A definitive objective here is to just achieve the end-zone and take out the AI Core which is vigorously guarded.

      You can decide your course to the core and in transit there's chance to debilitate it by method for bringing down its barriers. Be that as it may, there's an admonition. Every time you move into a zone the adversary gets to be distinctly more grounded unless you arrive in a zone which gives a hackable power station which then brings down the foe quality level. It pays to chase these down yet now and again they are not entirely obvious or nonexistent which implies the adversary step up before your eyes and comes at you with all the more intense tanks of its own. So there's a touch of system tossed in with the general mish-mash here yet the final product is normally the same and that is your tank or your tank and three different players going head to head against the AI.

      The Graphics

      Playing the game for the first time it will be almost impossible to tell whether you’re playing Tron or another game. The graphics are very similar to Tron games. The simple color full block textures really make the game a more enjoyable without taking much away from the experience. You get a real sense of presence as you play the game while moving your head around from inside the tank to find your opponents which really adds to the immersion of the game. The simple color scheme really makes it easy to find your enemies that are colored a distinct red it also shows us just how limited VR is right now.

      The Controls

      The controls plan of the game is genuinely commonplace, frequently like different titles that place the player in the cockpit of a vehicle. So better believe it, it didn't get us long to acclimate and acquainted with controls plan of the game, which entirely depends on the DualShock 4 controller. Basically, the left simple stick is utilized to coordinate our tank towards a particular bearing – while the correct one is utilized to move the turret. The L2 and R2 bear triggers separately permit us to speed lift and shoot our weapons, while the X and Square buttons permit us the go through our weapons.

      Playing through matches in the single player crusade, we gather information from obliterated vehicles that can be utilized as a part of swing to buy new weapons, increment our shields, and substantially more. There are different tanks to buy also, so relying upon what class you pick, they'll have distinctive characteristics. Actually, light tanks are permeated with speed and wellness, yet do not have any genuine punch with their capability. On the other side, substantial tanks pack a pummel when they shoot their weapons, however are somewhat moderate and simple focuses on the front line.


      The Good
      • Simple, color full visuals
      • Fun game with simple controls
      • Large variety of tanks
      The Bad
      • No narrative
      • Gets repetitive real fast

      Battlezone VR is a great remake of the classic Battlezone with colorful bright graphics and simple gameplay which is why it gets a 9/10 from us.

      Release date : October 14, 2016.
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