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      Obduction is an adventure game developed by Cyan which was released on 24 August 2016 by the same studio that made the 90’s hit games like Myst and Riven. Obduction is a game that truly feels and is one of the very few AAA VR game titles that actually feel like it was designed specifically for high end VR gaming. Obduction is a spiritual sequel to Myst, one of the most beloved adventure games of all time which is one of the reasons why once it appeared on kickstarter it managed to bring in 1.3 million USD!


      Even if you are someone who wasn’t aware of Obduction being related to Myst the first few moments should make you realize that immediately. They have a similar basic punctuation, a similar accentuation on puzzles and exploration, and a similar feeling of "What on Earth is going on?!" that waits with you until the last snapshots of the diversion. To the extent I'm concerned, VR has never had an ordeal that manufactures a world superior to Obduction. From the opening minutes, you'll feel transported into a domain that has enough similitudes to reality to feel well known, and enough additional dimensional astonishments to feel genuinely wondrous and unsettling.

      The setting of Obduction, while stunning within VR, is practically difficult to portray outside of the headset. Suppose you took a developing Old West town from the end of the century, saturated it with a Gilded-age stylish, filled it with cryptic characters, and afterward scooped the whole thing up and transported it into another world loaded with purple mountains and different suns. That is exactly what Obduction does

      The Graphics

      The environment in Obduction is straight up gorgeous, however this comes with a cost. Graphically escalated scenes like the world's goliath machines chugging along at very quick pace may seem visually stunning but their visual quality depends on how good your machine is – more specifically what GPU you’re using. Actually, the base proposed card for Obduction surpasses the Rift's GTX 970 prescribed framework spec GPU, requesting no less than a GTX 980 and 16 GB of RAM available to you. For those playing the game with a pc beneath the game's own minimum specs, can luckily reduce the graphic quality using the graphic settings, for example, surfaces, shadows, and even change the details, sufficiently level to get things running smoothly.

      The prerelease work of Obduction I attempted in the Oculus Rift didn't disgust me, despite the fact that it experienced the incidental edge rate drop — one of the issues Cyan is as yet resolving. Be that as it may, unexpectedly, the all the more outwardly inundated I was in the amusement, the less drenched I felt in the gameplay. The first occasion when I saw something like Obduction's ravines, it was extraordinary. The second time, however, I'd started soliciting the zone to make sense of what I ought to do. By the tenth or twentieth, I was excessively bustling searching for a button or lever to truly give any attention to the landscape. But that doesn’t change the fact that it is truly a visually stunning game.

      The Controls

      Obduction, in all honesty doesn't have the best controls. This diversion falls into a similar trap that titles like Adr1ft unearthed before it. Essentially, recreations that oblige you to debilitate an environment through thorough investigation and backtracking don't concur unpleasantly well with VR as far as I can tell.

      The purpose behind this is VR can just permit you to move in certain courses and at a specific pace in an open environment without making movement affliction for many individuals. Things like incremental turning and teleportation development are solace alternatives that make the experience more tolerable. In any case, the issue here is that the pace of backtracking and re-investigating an area rather frustrating.

      This rings much more genuine when solving puzzles. You may routinely be confronted with an, "I may have missed something back there by that stone that will take me 10 minutes to return to, but I really don’t want to go all the way back there.”


      The Good
      • Incredibly immersive atmosphere
      • Breathtaking sound and visuals
      • Truly challenging puzzles
      • Fascinating and cinematic storytelling
      The Bad
      • Controls could have been better
      • VR movement makes exploring and backtracking a chore

      If you can overlook or workaround the controls then Obduction is truly one of the best games out now on VR. Due to its great story telling, amazing graphics and challenging puzzles Obduction gets a 9/10 from us.

      Release date : August 24, 2016

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    • As someone who Kickstarted this, I have to admit that I was very nervous about how the game would turn out – it’d been literally more than a decade since they last commercially released a game, and many of the top members of Cyan from the 90s were no longer there. I was worried that the game would be received as low-quality and obtuse, or worse, be ignored by the big sites like Polygon entirely.