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      EVE: Valkyrie is a space exploration and action game that was made for people that want to pilot their own fighter jets in space. EVE: Valkyrie lets player do what all men have dreamed off from flying through and asteroid field or taking down large carrier ships EVE: Valkyrie does it all! EVE: Valkyrie goes down as one of the few games that almost got it all right from the graphics to the gameplay to the online elements EVE: Valkyrie is one of the best games on VR you can get your hands on today.

      The Gameplay

      Let’s start off with the single player mode. The single player mode is primarily for getting the hang of the controls. Space flight shooters tend to have more complex controls than any other kind of game and this holds true for VR as well. There are a couple story missions, sufficiently simple to clear in a couple of sessions that never truly show you the dark side of space-warfare you'll discover hopping into the multiplayer.

      There's a "scout" mode in which players fly around maps searching for additional details, yet in the wake of going in once to appreciate the view I quickly disregarded it, and am not liable to return to. The best of the single-player substance is the wave-based survival mode, which I wound up dunking into more than once to try out new ship configurations before taking them into the multiplayer.

      The Controls

      Valkyrie does its best to make this vibe as approachable as could be allowed, constraining the quantity of superfluous controls and simply concentrating on making them move in the correct heading (i.e. towards a terrible person). As is generally the case, on account of the impact of Star Wars, this all feels more like steering a prop plane than a present day stream contender, not to mention a genuine spaceship. What's more, regardless of the Battlestar Galactica impacts you're surely not moving as per the laws of Newtonian physics.

      The fact of the matter is however that the basic mechanics of play are anything but difficult to get, and essentially having the capacity to track the movement of a rival by taking a gander at them, as opposed to having to continually keep your ship confronting directly at them, makes it more immersive and more open. Be that as it may, after the short story-based introduction what you're left with is a 16-player online mode that depends on shooter staples like Team Deathmatch and Conquest.

      The Graphics

      EVE: Valkyrie has absolutely gorgeous graphics that will almost make it impossible for you to enjoy normal space shooters ever again. EVE: Valkyrie has some of the most visually amazing moments from any VR game which definitely gets major respect from us in the graphics department.

      The Conclusion

      The Good :
      • The visuals are stunning
      • Smooth movement without much nausea
      • Packed with exciting action
      • Carrier Assault is a fun multiplayer mode.
      The Bad :

      Will require a lot of grind to get upgrades and ships.

      By all regards EVE: Valkyrie is one of the best games to come out on VR both in terms of gameplay and graphics which is why it gets a 9/10 from us.
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