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      Elite Dangerous was released on 16 December 2014. It is the 4th installment to the open world sim space series – Elite. Elite Dangerous puts you in the feet of a ship commander that is hurled in to aprocedurally generated galaxy that is ripe for exploring. That’s it. The learning curve is extremely steep and requires you to learn the majority of the game features on your own which also means that you have to decide your own destiny. Finally being ported to VR, Elite Dangerous has become one of the best titles on the Oculus Rift putting you right in the middle of all the action. Considering, the immersive experience and high quality graphics Elite Dangerous becomes a game worth playing again - regardless of the learning curve.

      The Graphics

      Let’s get this out of the way right now, as far as graphics are concerned Elite Dangerous is by far one of the best VR titles. Elite Dangerous is, from various perspectives particularly suited to the Oculus Rift. Since the game is played altogether from the pilot's seat of your spaceship the issue of kinesthetic discord is evaded totally; Get a couple of flight sticks and you'll frequently experience moments where your genuine body and virtual body feel like the same to you.

      The Gameplay

      This game is a space combat game where the player is manning the controls of a very real looking spaceship. You can move your make a beeline for take a gander at the adversary spaceships to one side and right.

      You can look down at the controls and in addition your hands guiding the ship. You can direct your spaceship with a joystick and throttle set up. When you can arrive on various planets' surface, you will switch into a Surface Recon Vehicle (SRV) to fight off drones possessing the planets. The capacity to track an objective with your head makes pursues less disorientating and unquestionably feels like it gives a significant gameplay advantage. The design of UI is exceptionally all around created for VR, as it is shown as holograms projected inside the space of your cockpit. Turning your make a beeline for get to your route board is immersive and by one means or another significantly cooler the more standard it gets to be.

      There is consistent turning and turning as you explore space or the planets' surface. The surface of the planets are not steady like in other computer games, and you can feel the flimsiness of the ground as you investigate. It can be to some degree hard to discover the adversary spaceships or drones as you investigate the playing field, as your head is continually pivoting while your vehicle is additionally in movement.

      The Missions & Campaign

      Elite Dangerous has a lot of stuff you can do which includes a lot of missions for upgrading your spaceship but at heart the true experience of Elite Dangerous lies in its MMO elements. There are numerous things you can do with your time. Running exchange missions or mining campaigns; tossing in the intermittent entrepreneurial abundance journey here and there; maybe attempting your hand at robbery. A few missions oblige you to just convey a protest, others to get a bit of freight that is either gliding in space or stowed away on another person's ship. There are likewise death undertakings, which are some of the time marginally illicit, placing you in strife with the space police. Everything is grabbed by means of in-game bulletin boards, and everything nets you money to spend on weapons and ship upgrades.

      As you fly around, you'll see indications of different ships going against the star-spotted murkiness of profound space. At first they'll be simply a pixel trailing a line of fumes gasses behind, however as you get nearer you'll start to see visual pieces of information with reference to what sort of ship it is and what it might do. The motors will flare and blur as the pilot hits the throttle. Thrusters blaze in short rushes because of changes in speed, roll and yaw inputs. Ships streak into and out of hyperspace. What's more, you can streak your headlights at each other in case you want to.


      Elite dangerous is a great game in all regards but its high difficulty learning curve puts the damper on the experience for new players.

      The Good :
      • Provides an immersive experience
      • The graphics are extremely impressive
      • It has intense fighting scenes

      The Bad :
      • It can give you motion sickness
      • 3D map creates difficulty in finding enemies at times
      • You have to spin constantly for navigation and fighting

      Based on goods and bads, Elite Dangerous gets a 7/10 for providing an immersive, high graphic and intense space experience but loses points for accessibility and other issues it causes.

      Release Date: December 14, 2014

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    • I bought a HOTAS to play this game. I love it just to demo the tutorial levels, BUT I don't think I'll ever have the time to actually understand what the hell is going on in the actual game. It's tragic how inaccessible the game is for a more casual user like myself. That said, I totally understand it's somewhat my fault