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      Job Simulator is one of those games that unintentionally get humor and VR just right and was released on April 5, 2016. It’s the year 2050 and you are a robot that has set out to common jobs human’s do. One thing that we learn by playing Job Simulator is that you really don’t enjoy your job unless you’ve thrown a cup of hot coffee at your boss. In all honesty, the way things are going Job Simulator might just end up becoming a reality one day. Job Simulator seems so simple but yet so creative and hilarious that it ends up being one of the best VR titles out there.


      The game has four jobs: Office Worker, Gourmet Chef, Store Clerk, and Auto Mechanic. In each the setup is generally the same. You work from an encased region—your desk area for the office, behind the till for the store—and are encompassed by the thingamajigs expected to complete the work. Space is utilized with unfathomable economy keeping in mind the end goal to expand the assortment of conceivable assignments. For instance, in the eatery, at the flip of a switch the sink will be supplanted by a microwave or a blender, each with a going with whirlwind of Inspector Gadget-style animation.

      Starting with Office Clerk, here you'll end up in an office and will be given different errands to finish. When you finish one assignment, you'll then proceed onward to the following. With the capacity to pick up advancement, you'll wind up completing jobs, for example, procuring and terminating, cooking the books and making dodgy dealings disappear. What's particularly extraordinary about working in the office is that for all intents and purposes everything is intuitive, so for example, if your phone rings, you can lift it up, answer it and after that toss it at a coworkers head. Indeed you can tossed anything you like at collaborators, be that paper planes, your espresso mug or whatever else the game will give you a chance to get. Ought to your manager visit with a destroying undertaking, you can even draw off his glasses and shred them.

      The Visuals and Immersion

      The visuals are incredible as well, peppered with adorable jokes like a disposable reference to a fizzled human revolt. There's additionally an amusing melody called "I Emotion You" that you put on at the eatery while one robot proposes. It's not exactly "Still Alive", but rather it's entirely great. The visuals and stiflers are practically up there with something Valve would put out, yet fall just marginally short.

      Furthermore, that goes for Job Simulator all in all. The visuals and muffles are practically up there with something Valve would put out, yet fall just marginally short. At last the connections are excessively basic. At the point when Banditbot is dragged back to the accommodation store subsequent to taking your cheddar from the safe, (once more, actually), all that happens is you bring up out to the cops and they take him away. Without a doubt more fun could have been had there. In the workman area I soon became weary of supplanting tires and doing resprays.

      The Controls

      The cartoon-like nature of the center gameplay helps the stiflers to hit, obviously. Utilizing two PlayStation Move controllers – we couldn't discover a possibility for the DualShock 4 anyplace – you're ready to connect with a stunning exhibit of articles inside your work repressions. These may incorporate the desk area of an office worker or the kitchen of a gourmet culinary specialist.

      In any case, where the game truly succeeds is with its carelessness for the guidelines of genuine work. Don't imagine it any other way, this particularly falls under the classification of "novelty" game, and like Surgeon Simulator before it, this implies when you're solicited to decrease the carbon discharges from a sputtering car in the oil monkey occupation, you'll end up going after a banana to plug up the fumes. This is a game that for all intents and purposes delights in its cockiness.


      The Good
      • The levels are well designed
      • A great amount of fun
      • The tasks, while mundane, are still addictive
      • Affordable
      The bad
      • Tracking is a little out sometimes

      Job Simulator is a great game for anyone playing on VR for the first time. Though it may lack replay value but playing it for the first time is a lot of fun which is why it gets an 8/10 from us.

      Release date : April 5, 2016

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    • Job Simulator is not best played on PSVR, but Owlchemy Labs still did an incredible job translating the game to PS4. They managed to retain the core of the experience which means folks are still set to have fun playing. It’s just a shame that the technology currently paired with PSVR (Move controller and single camera) do not allow for the complete fidelity of play required to truly make Job Simulator an amazing virtual reality experience.