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      Edge of Nowhere is one of the fresh experiences you can experience using VR which was released on June 6, 2016. The best thing about VR games is that they give the developers a chance to present common things in a new light. This is exactly what Edge of Nowhere strives to do. It tries to take the third-person action adventure genre and present it in a VR experience without adding anything new but the VR but does that make it worth playing? Surprisingly, yes. Edge of Nowhere allows you to control the camera behind 1930s adventurer Victor Howard in the white wilderness that is known as Antarctic where you fight, leap of edges and try to survive.

      The Gameplay

      In spite of the fact that it's played with a virtual reality headset, Edge of Nowhere is a generally conventional third-person platforming and action/stealth game, created by Ratchet and Clank studio Insomniac. Your hero is a goggled 1930s adventurer named Victor Howard, who gets himself stuck in Antarctica while taking after the trail of a logical undertaking. At first, he's looking for his missing fiancée Ava Thorne — an arrangement which, dissimilar to in each and every frightfulness game that is now utilized this setup, will most likely end well. A little while later, he's somewhere down in an old city populated by frightful immensities, including one of Lovecraft's numerous tentacle monsters, and Great Old Ones.

      When you're compelled to draw in adversaries, battle is extraordinary and fulfilling. You can either strike at the old brutes from behind with your pickaxe or impact away with your shotgun utilizing the head following of the Oculus Rift to point. Players are likewise given the alternative to occupy adversaries with rocks. Discarding them a long way from you can be a decent system when low on ammunition and not having any desire to draw any more adversaries toward you, as assaulting them will often prompt to a swarm making brisk work of your feeble body. You will probably need to attempt a few experiences a few circumstances before making sense of how to survive.

      The Mechanics

      Edge of Nowhere feels more beneficial to play. It's agreeable. It's the primary VR game I've physically possessed the capacity to play for 60 minutes on end. It's likewise the main VR game that I've needed to play in protracted portions. It helps that the engineers utilized a trailing camera that doesn't trap my internal ear and make me squeamish. Superior to that, the game just capacities like such a large number of great games before it as it presents basic gameplay thoughts and afterward changes those thoughts or layers new ones upon them. There's a story unfurling as there is in such a variety of games, both about what is happening and in what you're figuring out how to have the capacity to do.

      You start simply having the capacity to control a person who can climb the sides of ice sheets and keep away from dangerous, spiky plants. Before sufficiently long, you're figuring out how to be more gymnastic with your moving as you jump from one end to the other and purposefully fall and catch yourself.

      The Immersion

      This is effectively one of the better-searching games accessible for virtual reality presently, with lovely and horrendous set pieces that dependably warrant a glance around. The tundra with snow blowing in your eyes, holes loaded with luminescent life, and even a rich wilderness all champion. The animals hiding in the hollows resemble dreadful, bald, stout bugs, and appear to be really alien.

      At the point when a game makes you so 'creep out-of-your-skin' uncomfortable that you really can't force yourself to take a gander at what's happening on the screen, you know there's something other than what's expected about this than what preceded. Edge of Nowhere prevails with regards to making this sensation a few circumstances all through the game. While it uses some jump scares, ordinarily I wound up encountering a sentiment genuine fear which will be completely magnificent for those of you that appreciate repulsiveness games. The feeling of Presence that VR conveys to every monster makes every experience in Edge of Nowhere feel like a battle for survival; in which death is continually sneaking close-by.


      Edge of Nowhere is a fun, traditional third person action stealth game that uses the full capabilities of VR to deliver jump scares and intense moments without adding anything new to Lovecraft’s originals writings which is why it gets a 8/10 from us.

      The Good:
      • Fun to play
      • Doesn’t cause any health issues
      • Has decent jump scares

      The Bad:
      • Nothing new
      Release Date: June 6, 2016
      Purchase Edge of Nowhere VR Game here : Oculus Website
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    • There is a huge difference between being released "first" on a platform than being an exclusive. Looks like OVR paid them for some of the development and therefore it is released initially on the OR. I have a Vive and don't have a problem with this as the game probably wouldn't exist at all for VR without OVR. They will probably release it for the Vive as well and I haven't seen any comment from the companies saying they can't or won't.