SEXPO – Health, Sexuality & Lifestyle Expo - Perth - May 5-7, 2017

    • VR Porn Event
    • SEXPO – Health, Sexuality & Lifestyle Expo - Perth - May 5-7, 2017

      As a residence of Perth, whether you’re looking for a great sexual time or hoping to get your kink on or just want to meet some people that are into the same fetishes as you or just want to learn more about sex, you’re in luck because the biggest PG-18 event Sexpo is coming to Perth this May that will last for 3 days for of erotic and sensual performance as well as exhibiting the current and up-coming technology that can and will be used to enhance your sexual experiences.

      Sexpo Perth 2017 will feature countless pornstars both local and international that are coming to take part in the event. Sexpo Perth 2017 is well known for being the most exciting event that is targeted towards sex which is something both men and women look forward. Following its theme in Montreal, the Sexpo Perth 2017 will focus more on current and upcoming technology intended for sex and will feature a variety of sex products that will pave the way for the porn industry for the next 20 years or so. Those attending can look forward to seeing a variety of sex tech including adult virtual reality, virtual reality gaming, robotics and sex tech – located in the FutureX area.

      Those attending Sexpo Perth 2017 will also be given a free VR headset that they can use throughout the event in order watch VR porn movies, play VR porn games and enjoy VR porn videos while knowing that everyone including you is an open minded adult. Even if that isn’t your cup of tea, Sexpo Perth 2017 will host a Perth’s largest indoor drone demonstration that will feature the best and latest in drone technology in the DroneX area. Additionally, you will have a chance to fly drones as well and the best part is drones for the demonstration will be provided for you without any charges!

      At first look, the expo floor is dominated by dildos of each size, shape and shading. Male and female strippers alternate performing in front of an audience and lines of individual’s line up to have a photograph with eminent porn stars or reality TV personalities flown in for the event.

      Whether you just want to have a great time indulging in this amazing adult exhibition or just want to go and buy some great tech at a great price, attending Sexpo Perth 2017 is eactly what you need to do. Sexpo Perth 2017 will kick off from Friday, May 5 and last till Sunday, May 7. You can register for a ticket by going to the site today.

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