SEXPO - The world's longest-running adult exhibition

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    • SEXPO - The world's longest-running adult exhibition

      SEXPO is the world largest and longest running expo for adults where open minded adults can come together and enjoy and celebrate all types of lifestyles and sexualities. Sexpo provides an opportunity for thousands of vendors, exhibitors, performers and many more different kind people from around the world to come together and hold an event that people will definitely want to attend again.

      Every year Sexpo provides something for everyone regardless of why they are attending the expo for. Whether you are someone that is looking for some safe consensual fun, looking for an enjoyable gift for your partner or just want to have a good time Sexpo will definitely live up to your expectations.

      Sexpo features a lot more tech like VR porn, VR movies, VR headsets and VR gaming than ever before along with a major increase of focus on the tech department. Throughout Sexpo you will find many opportunities to enjoy VR porn movies of premium quality as well as buy VR porn headsets and VR porn games along with VR porn gaming equipment from vendors to make your VR porn experience all the more enjoyable.

      Sexpo will also be featuring the largest indoor drone flying exhibition in which you can take part as well. Sexpo is most well-known for the male and female stage acts, comedy hypnotists, fetish demonstrations and audience participation competitions, including the world famous Amateur Strip and the acclaimed Sexy Cosplay competition.

      Sexpo is filled with multiple bars and lounge areas that patrons can enjoy, take part in and learn more through fun educational demonstrations and seminars. That’s not all, there are a variety of carnival rides that have been modified to meet the theme and message Sexpo wants to get across and have a done a fabulous job.

      SEXPO is not only your chance to enjoy the best the sex industry has to offer but also provides you an opportunity to experience how technology has started to change the way we conceptualize sex, sexuality and life in general. Sexpo mixes world class entertainment with an opportunity to fill your bags with the best toys and products in industry all the while having the time of your life – what else is there to need?

      Visit the Sexpo Website to acquire tickets and timing for your city. 8o

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