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  • [align=justify]Thanks to the latest technological developments virtual reality has made huge progress in recent years becoming increasingly important in the gaming entertainment industry. Thanks to virtual reality have been made impressive video games like the roller coaster simulators, truly disturbing horror video games (like the last Resident Evil) and a shocking simulation of the attacks on the Twin Torry which triggered a series of disputes over the Internet. Of course, the porn industry could not be overlooked by an innovation of this caliber, the first porn film in 3D have been made and the market has been flooded with sexy games based on virtual reality. [url='http://go.badoinkvr.com/go.php?t=25344&aid=112938&sid=videos'][img]https://vrdiscussion.com/wcf/images/Badoink-vr-porn.gif[/img][/url] Let's see some of the most famous. Many of these games have been developed in Japan, a country that currently has a large and growing porn industry, and has welcomed the introduction of virtual reality as a great innovation and a secure source of income. [b][size=14][color=#0000FF]Custom Maid 3D On Oculus Rift Headset[/color][/size][/b] Custom Maid 3D is a hugely successful Japanese adult anime game created by Japanese adult game company KISS in 2011. the game is a no-brainer, you pick your favorite maid and you can customize her look, train her, cultivate her into your dream girl, and have virtual sex with her. You can find some videos about this game on the most famous porn streaming sites like Pornhub or YouPorn [b][color=#0000FF][size=14]Summer Lesson By Sony Project Morpheus[/size][/color][/b] Summer Lesson is a game made for PS4 and Project Morpheus‘s VR headset. It likely to be one of the exclusive VR game title bundled with Project Morpheus headset. Maybe this is not a porn related game, but it certainly has an erotic vibe. The game lets player interact and communicate with the virtual characters, more specifically, some cute Japanese girls! [b][size=14][color=#0000FF]Japanese 360 Softporn Featuring Miyako Akane By Silly Studio[/color][/size][/b] Miyako Akane is a famous Japanese soft porn star who posed for a 360-degree virtual softcore porn video. Miyako posed nude for Playboy, and she is a fetish and swimsuit model in Japan. [b][color=#0000FF][size=14]DMM Japan Launched DMM.VR Project[/size][/color][/b] DMM Japan is an adult film company that has launched its own VR project, and DMM adult film is now available in 360 videos that can be watched using a smartphone, VR headsets, or Kolor Eye App. Demos are available on this page: [url]http://www.dmm.co.jp/en/digital/vr/[/url] There are explicit and graphical footage inside. DMM’s first 360 porn VR demo is called “Eros House”, an erotic story involved 10 men and women in a shared apartment. Basically, it's a virtual reality orgy in 360. [b][size=14][color=#0000FF]3D Scanned Playgirl Virtual Avatars In Hardcore Adult Games[/color][/size][/b] Japanese erotic adult game developer Illusion and PG Productions launched a 3D VR porn project called “Playgirls” that 3D scans porn actress and create lifelike and realistic avatars. The 3D scanned virtual reality avatars of the porn stars performs all kind of sex acts in the game. These are some of the best games on the market today, and we are only focused on the Japanese market, but it is only a way to sneak into this great and growing field.VR Sex Games ---------------- [size=12][b]Interesting in watching VR Porn ?[/b][/size][/align][size=12][b][color=#00FF00]Go to this thread[/color] :[/b] [color=#FF0000][url='https://www.vrdiscussion.com/thread/73-best-vr-porn-sites-list/'][b][u]Best VR Porn Sites List[/u][/b][/url][/color][/size]
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