Virtual Reality and Future of Sports

    • Virtual Reality and Future of Sports

      Virtual Reality is fun, and we know it. After a failed attempt a few years back, it’s back with a bang. This time with added features, improved and enhanced software and hardware, and most important of all, the versatility that came with it. Virtual Reality will forever change the way we watch videos, play games, or have a quick tour of a random town in England from your TV lounge. 2016 was the first year that VR was launched with full force, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift by Facebook, and Sony PlayStation 4 VR, were the biggest players in the game. Since then, people are more interested in the modern technological wonder, it crossed $1 Billion in sales in 2016 that is an encouraging factor for investors and entrepreneurs to make It bigger and better with every passing day.

      Virtual Reality technology is doing great in Sports, with billions of sports viewers around the world, it is the biggest and lucrative field for VR investors. Many startups have already geared up to work in sports category though it won’t take less than 10 years actually to justify the Virtual Reality as the first choice to watch any sports activity around the world. VR for Sports is a 3D or 360-degree real-time view of sports, live or recorded through VR Headset, for a better experience, it includes earphones and microphone for enhanced viewing and sensing abilities.

      How Virtual Reality For Sports Could Change the Way We Watch Sports

      Beyond Sports is a Virtual Reality startup that emphasizes on gathering all the data of the player and making individual suits for players with installed HD cameras and microphones providing viewers a real-time experience of players activity while playing the game. The company has promised to build such an interface that would allow its users to watch the game from anywhere in the stadium, from players dugout, or earlier mentioned from players’ eyes. It has experimented successfully in NBA 2015 and few NFL matches. Oculus Rift along with BBC and NBC telecasted few of Olympics games live in the arena through VR headsets, though it couldn’t impress the audience with what was expected. Still, it made a way to make it a somewhat unique for viewers.

      VR Sports for Players

      VR For Sports is making a huge difference in Sports. For players, VR training is becoming a fruitful alternative to conventional video training, especially in Football. With VR for Sports, players would be able to view their opponent’s game from players’-eye perspective to see with added intimacy.

      E-sports is becoming too mainstream as we enter 2017, it will flourish with its development and adoption by world’s biggest sports and sponsors. With 2020 plan around the corner, it would be an entirely different view of sports in 2020 from what we see today. Along with vast scope of Virtual Reality in future for Sports, the E-Sports is becoming a reality with the successful launch of Augmented reality game Pokemon Go. :thumbup: - Virtual Reality Forum, Blog and Videos
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