VRTO 2017 - June 24-26,2017 - Toronto - Ontario - Canada

  • [i]Hello all,[/i] [i]We are proud to announce our media partnership with [b][u][url='http://conference.virtualreality.to/']VRTO 2017[/url][/u][/b][/i] [url='VRTO 2017'][img]https://vrdiscussion.com/wcf/images/VRTO2017.png[/img][/url] VRTO is a unique, international exhibition and professional conference exploring arts, culture and science through immersive technologies. VRTO is a [url='http://virtualreality.to/']virtual and augmented reality Meetup Group[/url]. Next one will be hold in Toronto - June 24-26,2017. Let's go to VRTO 2017 website here : [url='http://conference.virtualreality.to/'][u][b][color=#FF0000]VRTO 2017[/color][/b][/u][/url][u][b][color=#FF0000][/color][/b][/u] :thumbup:
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